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Fear The Walking Dead: “Alaska” Recap and Review

Published on October 25th, 2020 | Updated on October 25th, 2020 | By FanFest

fear the walking dead season 6
fear the walking dead season 6

Fear the Walking Dead’s sixth season is back with its third episode and has us catch up with Dwight! Fun fact: I didn’t even know Dwight was on Fear The Walking Dead.

It seems Morgan is settling into his new life providing for Rachel and her child, though has reservations about Morgan acquiring supplies from his ‘inside Man’ inside Victoria’s compound. Morgan has some hesitance to holding baby Morgan, probably some guilt thing. I guess he’d rather focus on making weapons. He’s also pretty good at giving speeches about the old world and how he’s changed. He also resigns himself to save Grace and every one no matter what he has to do. He changes his stick into a much more efficient axe, and Rachel assured him he’ll still be a good man when this is all over.

Dwight and Athena are still, I assume, looking for Dwight’s wife. We find them exploring a house when Athena catches a conversation on her radio between someone and Isabelle. This distraction almost costs her her life but luckily Dwight saves her. Athena is displeased with their job but Dwight appeases her with some delicious old beer. It’s during this heart to heart that the radio goes off again, which leads to a confrontation between the two.

Dwight finally gets an answer in regards to “beer lady” who we assume is the one Athena referred to as Isabelle. Dwight insists they go after her but Athena isn’t quite on board. Dwight’s willing to go so far as to help her fake her death to escape Virginia. Once the moment passes it’s off to find ‘beer lady”!

While climbing the building to intercept the chopper they assume “beer lady” is on Dwight and Athena comes across one of those “the end is the beginning messages” but think nothing of it. While fighting their way up the building they come across a couple of other survivors who claim whoever has been landing on this roof kills people indiscriminately. They get locked up while the survivors review their cameras.

Maggie Grace as Althea, Austin Amelio as Dwight- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Dwight and Athena are brought to see the survivors’ group, who is all sick. They have the bubonic plague and Athena is ready to leave them to die. A heartfelt speech leads Dwight to concede to heading to the rooftop, even if “Beer Lady” might shoot them on sight.

The two keep pushing their way through the building while trying to avoid potentially infected rats only to run right into a large group of walkers, causing them to flee into a bathroom. It’s as this point they learn Dwight is infected. Dwight still wants to get her to the roof, though. They’re saved by one of the earlier survivors who intend to help them get up. This survivor, by the way, lived in this building.

The three fight their way through the walkers, and Athena gives back the Alaska ID she picked up when they first arrived. Dwight tells Athena he would just hold his wife if he could then sends her to the roof, with something he left for her recorded on her camera. Athena watches the heartfelt video while waiting for the chopper to arrive.

As the chopper arrives Athena gets on the radio and diverts the chopper away, warning “beer lady” about the plague. After a heart-wrenching “it’s good to hear your voice” Athena drinks one of the beers from the supply crate and discovers antibiotics in there too. Did beer lady direct Athena there knowing that? Hopefully, we find out.

Once they save all the infected, Athena begins suspecting the disease wasn’t an accident. She thinks the people who spray painted the message did this on purpose, and that’s when out of nowhere Dwight’s wife gets on the radio which leads to the long-awaited reunion.

Devyn Tyler as Nora- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Fear The Walking Dead continues to impress with an exciting sixth season. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long to see the kind of hell Morgan intends to rain down on Virginia. It will only get even better if Dwight joins in since we know he can handle himself. I hope you’ll join us next week for our next Fear The Walking Dead recap! And remember, you can always catch up on episodes at AMC.


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