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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recap: The End Is The Beginning

Published on October 11th, 2020 | Updated on October 12th, 2020 | By FanFest

Fear the Walking Dead is back, but you don’t need to be afraid because we’ll be here to recap it every week! We’ve been waiting a while but it’s finally time to see how Morgan’s been making out.

Demetrius Grosse as Emile- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

The episode actually starts with something completely different, however. A man is eating beans, and as the scene goes on we come to learn he’s some kind of bounty hunter (or so it appears!). He tricks this guy pretty hardcore, which results in the poor stranger getting his head chopped off and stuffed into a box. This is when he gets a call on the radio, and someone offers to make it worth his while to find Morgan. Which is when the show decides to finally allow us to catch up with Morgan!

We find Morgan Injured, and doing his best to not get killed. He’s definitely struggling, and the walkers even ignore him. Could this be a sign that he’s nearly dead? The next few minutes have us watch as Morgan struggles, getting back to his hideout. Just as things seem over for Morgan he’s saved by a friendly stranger.

They’ve only just gotten to know each other when that Bounty Hunter shows up looking for Morgan. The stranger goes so far as to try and protect Morgan, even though they’ve just met. The ax-wielding maniac starts searching for Morgan, who has hidden himself. I’m surprised the stranger who saved Morgan got out of that alive, and then he seemingly gets Morgan back to his hideout.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

His reasons for helping Morgan soon become obvious, since he wants Morgan’s help in turn. Morgan has no interest in helping this man who goes so far as to pull a gun on him. That’s just before someone knocks Morgan’s base down completely and, surprise surprise, it’s our friendly neighborhood bounty hunter.

Just as he’s closing in on Morgan though Morgan retaliates and shoots him right in the arm before escaping with the mysterious stranger who saved Morgan’s life. They’ve only just barely escaped when Morgan decides he wants to go back. Morgan reveals that someone helped him after he was shot, but has no idea who. That’s why Morgan was setting up that tower at all. So they strike a deal. If Morgan gets this man to his family, the mysterious stranger who stitched Morgan up can be safe there too.

They reach their destination, a big freaking dam. The issue is there are walkers guarding the entrance. After a deviation from the original plan Morgan and this guy kill all the walkers and make it back to his pregnant wife. Just in time too, as the baby is coming soon! The stranger wants to rebuild it with Morgan’s help, but Morgan has no intention of doing so. He’s convinced all he had to do before he died was help this guy reach his wife.


This is, of course, when the bounty hunter arrives. Even though Morgan is ready to sacrifice himself, Isaac decides to save him. Isaac was infected the first time he tried to get back to his wife. That’s why he wanted Morgan to reach this place. After a final confrontation with the bounty hunter, Morgan chops his head off and ends it before passing out.

By the time he wakes up the baby is born, Isaac and his wife named the baby Morgan, and Isaac is already dead. Morgan also replaces his stick with the bounty hunter’s axe, and it’s all to clear that Morgan is back, baby!

Morgan sends the bounty hunter’s head to Virginia in a box. She speaks Into a radio, claiming she’ll kill Morgan’s friends if he reveals he’s alive. That’s when he speaks into the radio, claiming “Morgan Jones is dead. You’re dealing with someone new.” Then, wearing his best Rick Grimes cosplay rides off on his horse.

The episodes ends with two strangers spray painting ‘The End Is The Beginning’ on a submarine, and exclaiming they need to find a key. A key that Morgan, conveniently enough, pulled from the bounty hunters’ body.

Fear The Walking Dead: Thoughts

So I’m going to be completely honest. I don’t watch FTWD that often. I don’t have anything against the show, not particularly but this was my first time really diving into it. I gotta say, though, I was impressed. I’d heard some pretty bad things but thought this episode was fairly well done. Morgan is always an interesting character to catch up with, and to see him become more of a badass again is something I’m excited to see. He’s gonna wreck some folks with that axe. I also really enjoyed how the season really just jumped into things. This episode wasted no time getting right into the meat of this season. There was no filler, so to speak. They could have easily dragged the Morgan mystery out for a while, but by the end of this episode, he’s basically raring to go.

I would have liked to see more Victoria, but since we know that’s coming regardless it’s not a big deal. We’ll have to see if Morgan really turns behind the damn into a new stronghold.

All-in-all, a pretty great episode. I’ll be looking forward to next week.

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