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Fans Finally got an Explanation for Thor’s Absence in Captain America: Civil War

Published on August 28th, 2016 | Updated on August 28th, 2016 | By FanFest

Upon watching Captain America: Civil War, a notable hero was missing from the all-star superhuman line up.  As team Ironman and Team Cap had an all out brawl, Thor was nowhere to be found, and fans noticed his absence.

It seems that his absence was also noticed by Thor:Ragnarok director Taika Waititi who took some time off from filming to put together this informational ‘mockumentary’ that explains why Thor wasn’t involved in Civil War and to let us know what he looks like without his cape and hammer.

He explains that he’s just been taking a break, after the “cool adventure” of saving the earth, he wanted to see how the normal, everyday people lived their lives. In search of a more average life, he moved to Australia and in with roommate Darryl, and they seem to get on quite well.

He took some time to give back to the community, teach students about superheroes, and made a diagram asking the question ‘what are infinity stones’.  He gathered information and clues and connected them all together in an attempt to figure out the great mystery.

Thor proceeds tells viewers that he took the time to write an ‘electronic letter’ to Ironman and Captain America because there was something intense going on between the two. While his input may not have been overly helpful to the pair, it was absolutely hilarious for everyone else.

He even has lunch with Bruce Banner where they discuss cutoffs before Tony calls to ask for Bruce’s brotherhood during the battle.  Thor thinks this is the perfect opportunity to offer up his own services but Tony claims he’s just not sure how to contact him.

It’s no stress to Thor though as he explains that he’ll just start his own team, Team Thor, which will consist of himself and Darryl.  He seems pretty confident about it, and why wouldn’t he?  When you’re Thor and you’ve got Mjǫllnir, you’re sort of set.

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