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Fan Fest ‘Arrowverse’ Experts’ Reactions to the Vigilante Reveal

Published on November 16th, 2017 | Updated on November 16th, 2017 | By FanFest

Here at Fan Fest, we are all about the Team Ups. The Avengers still has us wow’d all these years later, we are super stoked for the Justice League movie AND we cannot sit any longer at the thought of our superhero team up which will be airing in a little under two weeks.

While we may not possess any superpowers, we do have an incredible Arrowverse expert team here at Fan Fest where we are all about deep diving into our favorite CW shows. We frequently hold discussions on theories, ideas and expectations for the show. Literally, we could talk the Arrowverse all day.

Last week, on Arrow, we got a huge reveal when we discovered the identity of Vigilante – Dinah’s old partner, Vince. Ironically, our Arrowverse theory expert Joe posted his theory just a few hours before the episode aired… and he was absolutely on point!

I would certainly say that our team was quite taken a back by the reveal. I’ve asked our team members to pitch in their thoughts – let’s see if you agree!


Julia Valenti: I’m consistently impressed by the CW’s tactics. While it may not have been the reveal I was suspecting, or hoping for, I feel like they’ve got something great up their sleeves. I cannot wait to see the direction in which they are going to be taking this. I’m definitely open to seeing a ‘baddie’ storyline unfold, that isn’t focused on getting revenge on Oliver for once.

Alyssa Tieman: I think it’s interesting that we’re going to get a different back story for Black Canary, and one that somewhat pulls from her New 52 storyline in which she believes he was dead. His power seems interesting and I wonder if Dinah will be able to pull him to the good side of vigilantism because he’d make a good addition. I’m also wondering if the show might go in the direction of Team 7, which was orchestrated by Waller (and could bring her back for a bit) and include some other DC heroes, like Grifter. It was an interesting reveal, but I wish there had been more build-up to it because I forgot what he looked like. Maybe a little bit more reference to Dinah’s past before he was unmasked. Overall, I’m intrigued

Brianna Martinez: My initial thought was that it was a bit anti-climactic considering the build up over the last year. But I am excited to see Dinah getting her own story that could give us more about who Dinah was before the team. There is a lot of insight that could be gained from Vincent being the Vigilante and hopefully it’ll turn out as great a story as Adrian Chase as Prometheus.

Joe Pellicone: I was obviously excited about the reveal. I mean hell, I called it. (bows) I’m so happy I wrote that article cause I called the Chase/ Prometheus thing several days before it happened but I never wrote the article. So happy I got it out in time! That being said, I was surprised it happened so early in the episode. Idk what path this is taking but since it is a two parter with Slade, I think the reveal would have been better towards the end. But then again, Slades son reveal was there. So I understand it, but yah, it was kind of fast!


What do you think? Are you excited about the reveal?

Arrow returns on November 16th, 2017 at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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