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Decoding the Jaw-Dropping Conclusion: Succession Creator Analyzes the Impactful Finale Twist

Published on May 29th, 2023 | Updated on May 29th, 2023 | By FanFest

Succession Wraps Up Epic Run: Show Creator Delves Into Surprising Finale Conclusion

Please note: This article contains major spoilers for the final episode of Succession. Proceed at your own risk…

The highly acclaimed series Succession bid farewell on Sunday night, culminating its gripping four-season journey with a tense finale that unveiled the fate of Waystar-Royco. After an episode filled with betrayal, clandestine phone calls, and last-minute business maneuvers, loyal fans of Succession finally discovered who emerged as Logan Roy’s successor and what destiny awaited the Roy siblings. Following the episode’s conclusion, Jesse Armstrong, the show’s creator, provided insights in the “Controlling the Narrative” featurette on MAX, shedding light on the decision-making behind a pivotal character’s ascension.

In a surprising turn of events, Tom Wambsgans emerged as the new American CEO of Waystar-Royco following Lukas Matsson and GoJo’s acquisition of the company. A spontaneous change of heart by Shiv facilitated the deal, leaving Kendall and Roman sidelined. Although Shiv didn’t secure the position, her husband found himself in charge.

Armstrong explained that individuals like Tom are indeed real and ever-present, ingratiating themselves to those in power until they eventually find themselves in positions of authority.

“The notion of Tom becoming the eventual successor is something I’ve believed was the right ending for a while now,” Armstrong shared. “Although he may not be the most commanding monarch you’ll ever encounter, his power stems from Matsson. These individuals who rise through the ranks by aligning themselves with influential figures are all around us.”

Armstrong also touched upon the future paths of Shiv, Roman, and Kendall. None of them fulfilled their shared objective of taking over from their father, which had been their driving force from the series’ outset.

“I contemplated their respective narratives. You see, their stories aren’t over,” the creator reflected. “They will persist. However, the show loses interest in them because they’ve failed to achieve what they desired, which was success—the very prize their father dangled before them.”

“In a stark and uncompromising manner, Roman finds himself right back where he started. He remains that same individual. He could have continued being a carefree womanizer with dubious instincts and witty banter,” he continued. “He could have stayed in that bar, being that guy. This has been somewhat of a detour in his life, I would say. Shiv is still in the game, in a chillingly frozen emotional wasteland. However, she finds herself in a state of non-victory and non-defeat. There’s potential for movement there. The game is far from over, but that’s where we conclude their stories. Progressing emotionally will likely prove challenging for them, given the things they’ve said about each other.”

“As for Kendall, this will forever remain the defining event of his life—the pivotal days and years. Perhaps he can go on and establish his own company or pursue other ventures. Yet, the chances of him achieving the corporate stature his father attained are slim. And I believe that will shape his entire existence.”

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