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DC ‘Titans’ S2 Recap: Mid-Season Episode Teases Major DC Character

Published on October 14th, 2019 | Updated on October 15th, 2019 | By FanFest

DC Titans Mid-Season S2 recap.

Season two gives a deeper background into the rise and fall that lead the former Titans group (Hawk, Dove, Grayson, Donna Troy, and Aqualad) to call it quits and go their separate ways many years back.

Early in the season we see Dick Grayson begin forming and training a new Titans group with Gar, Rachel, and Jason. However quickly new and former enemies are on the rise before the group has fully had time to master their skills. The season dives right into the introduction of a former enemy Dr.Light. Later, to reveal Deathstroke was behind Dr.Lights attacks on the Titans.

In episode 2, we are introduced to Rose Wilson (Deathstroke’s daughter) who found herself in trouble and rescued by Grayson. At first, Rose doesn’t seem to pose a threat but once Grayson and the team learn her identity, she quickly becomes a great risk to keep around.


As the Titans figure out how to deal with Rose and finding Dr Light, the newer Titans begin dealing with personal issues of their own. Rachel is slowly realizing that her fight to suppress the great power she holds within is becoming too much for her. And, Jason is struggling with Grayson’s rules.

In true Jason Todd fashion of wanting to prove himself, he figures out how to find Dr. Light and convinces Gar for them both to go on a solo mission for proof before telling the rest of the team. During their mission Jason recommends splitting up to cover more ground and this lands him in trouble, and instead of just Dr. Light, Jason finds himself face to face with Deathstroke himself.

See a perfect glimpse to Deathstroke from DCU’s official Twitter below:

Once Gar alerts the rest of the team, the new mission becomes to rescue Jason. Once Grayson figures out who has Jason, he decides to make it a solo rescue mission. However, Cory (Starfire) return just in time to not let that happen and joins in to help. By the end of episode 5 we see Robin hanging onto Grayson’s hand dangling off a skyscraper building and Deathstroke escaping.

In the most recent episode, DC Titans waits to address Robins fate and instead introduces us to Season 1’s cliffhanger, Super boy and Krypto! We see them escape from Cadmus lab and go on a little adventure into the real world. Later we learn that Superboy is a clone creation of DNA belonging to Lex Luthor and Superman. Throughout the episode we get a glimpse into Superboy’s powers and how much influence Luthor and Superman have on him. His desire to learn where he comes from teases possible future Lex Luthor and Superman appearances. See clips from the most recent episode below.

Cut to the end of the episode we see that Connor (Superboy) rescues Robin (Jason Todd) from the skyscraper fall. However, seconds after saving Robin, Superboy is injured by Kryptonite bullets at the end of the episode.

This sums up the bulk of season 2 thus far. Not including we also learn what happened to a former Titan ‘Aqualad’ and more about Cory’s origin story. Next episode titled ‘Bruce Wayne’ will give a better introduction to Iain Glen’s portrayal of the iconic dark knight.

I also must point out that there was a tiny hint into Dick Grayson’s future early in the season. As Jason Todd has taken on the role of Robin, Grayson is left with the question of, what does that make him? This could possibly mean we may see the start of Grayson’s transformation into ‘Nightwing’ hopefully later in the season.

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