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DC Might Be Making An Animated Elseworlds Series For HBO Max! Like Marvel’s What If…?

DC and Marvel, as much as they might be rivals go hand-in-hand. They’ve been inspiring each other for years and that probably won’t end anytime soon. Marvel is about to release Marvel’s What If…? an animated series on Disney+ that explores what if scenarios in the MCU. Now, DC might be making an animated Elseworlds series for HBO Max!

This all comes courtesy of Geekosity, who as far as we know first reported on it. It makes sense that DC would want their own What If? kind of show on HBO Max to go with the rest of their DC content.

It also gives people working on the animated series a ton of creative freedom. They can do pretty much whatever they want with no consequences, since it all takes place out of continuity.

Or, at the very least, if it is in continuity it will most likely always be trapped in its own alternate reality, where it will never touch the main canon! It can lead to a ton of really interesting stories, so you won’t hear me complain!

DC has been using the Elseworlds label to publish stories like that for a long time. Usually it’s not just a one shot, but entire series set in these alternate universe’s. Some of the most famous example include Superman: Red Son and Kingdom Come, both incredibly famous DC comic book series.

The CW previously used Elseworlds as a title for one of their crossovers. This crossover saw Barry Allen and Oliver Queen switch superhero identities and was one of the better crossovers overall.

Another interesting idea is seeing what if scenarios spread across the Multiverse. Could we see the Justice League Animated Series cast return? What about the rumoured Smallville animated revival? Who knows!? But we can certainly hope.

We should expect DC to be keeping an eye on Marvel’s What If…? since its success could hinge on Elseworlds ever getting made! I’d love an animated Elseworlds series though, so I’ll be cheering Marvel’s What If…? on!


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