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Christopher Nolan Explains the Absence of Harry Styles in the ‘Dunkirk’ Trailers – for a Valid Reason

Published on July 13th, 2017 | Updated on July 13th, 2017 | By FanFest

We are less than one week away from a film that will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most intense looks into ‘The Miracle of Dunkirk’ which was what seemed like a hopeless rescue mission for the stranded soldiers during World War II. Christopher Nolan did his research before bringing together an all-star cast to tell the story like no one’s dared to before.

While the buzz around the film started the moment it was rumored to be happening and increased with the release of each trailer and bit of information that fans were given, there was a bit of almost confusion at first when people found out that Harry Styles had been cast in a Nolan film, especially one of this measure.

That confusion came from people who saw Harry as a boy bander but also people who saw the One Direction fan base as nothing but a gaggle of screaming 14-year-olds. That may have been what the ‘marketed’ target of One Direction fans was, but not at all who they really were, at least not at their core.

Every ‘fanbase’ has extremists, but people who were ready to see Styles chase another aspect of his dreams wanted nothing more than his success. However, Nolan did take into consideration that fans would be excited to see him in the film and that influenced his decision on how to portray Styles in the trailers.

We’re not trying to oversell Harry in the movie for the specific reason that it’s an ensemble. We don’t want people who are huge fans of his being disappointed that he’s not in it enough.

The film being an ensemble is what makes sense no matter what actors are in it, from well-known actors to newcomers, it’s not about one person, it’s about two groups of soldiers trying to survive in very different ways.

Nolan leaving all of the actors out of the trailer to a degree was a good idea, and while Styles was shown very little, when the trailers did drop, his fans found him, he wasn’t just a lost face in a crowd.

In addition to the casting decisions made, Nolan went on to say that there’s one big thing he wants people to know about the film.

The reality in which we tried to create the suspense. We have dog fighting sequences that we’ve done with real planes and we’ve got an IMAX camera into the real cockpits. We’re really trying to put the audience into the position of a Spitfire pilot flying over Dunkirk. It’s something that no one’s really tried to do in this way before and I’m very excited for how an audience will respond to that.’

Dunkirk will hit theaters on July 21st and with each day that passes by and the first set of promo interviews done, we’re more excited than ever.



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