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Black Sails Preview: 5 Plot Points That Need To Be Resolved In “XXXVIII”

Published on March 30th, 2017 | Updated on March 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

Well, it’s finally come. The series finale of “Black Sails” is here. There’s just one hour-long adventure left before everyone sails off into the horizon. That said, that hour is going to be packed with tons of action and hopefully tons of resolved story lines. Here are five plot points that need to be resolved before the final cannon is fired.

1) Thomas Hamilton & the mysterious labor camp. John Silver and Max had a long talk back in episode 4 about just who holds the power on Nassau. During that chat, Max mentions that when rich or noble families in London want to get rid of a problematic family member without the fuss of murder, they ship them to a special labor camp in the States. It’s a subtle hint and the conversation quickly moves on. However, when Silver later asks Flint what he’d do if Flint’s former lover, Thomas Hamilton, was still alive, it might as well become a black X on a treasure map. Could Thomas really still be alive? And what will happen if Flint finds out?

2) The fate of Jack Rackham. Episode 409 left off with the Walrus still a few days away from Skeleton Island, and down one very important navigator. Jack will need to find his way, and pick up speed along it, in order to not miss out on the battle. He has to kill Flint to ensure his deal with Madame Guthrie goes through. As Anne is still back in Philadelphia as well, he has extra motivation to not fail. The question is, if Jack doesn’t succeed, what will happen to him and his crew?

3) Anne & Max. This is one relationship that has gone through every possible version in four seasons: friends, lovers, enemies, reluctant business partners- you name it, Anne and Max have probably been it. They were last seen at the end of episode 8, when Max made a huge sacrifice in order to prove her devotion to Anne. The problem is, no matter where the relationship goes from here, it’s going to leave causalities. It remains to be seen if among those will be Jack, the deal with Madame Guthrie, or Anne and Max themselves.

4) Governor Rogers. It’s pretty clear that Woodes Rogers is no longer fit to rule Nassau, even if the British win the war with the pirates. He’s violent, his men are mostly considered traitors to the British crown, all of the pirates and a fair number of British and Americans want him dead, and he’s hearing his dead wife’s voice in his head. There’s also the unresolved matter of his creditors and substantial debt. That’s a lot of people who all want at least a piece of him. He’d better have a really good plan for survival, or it won’t matter much who wins the war.

5) The Walrus. It’s time to talk about this ship. The Walrus is a Man o’ War and has been a pirate-held vessel since season 1, episode 1. Ownership has changed hands a few times, but it’s well-known as Captain Flint’s ship. She’s been destroyed by cannon fire, sunk at least twice, beached countless times, and somehow always seems to be found, dug up, drained, or rebuilt in time for the next grand adventure. One of the most underappreciated moments of Season 4 so far is when Billy and Silver watch in disbelief as The Walrus is hauled from the depths and repaired yet again. There’s something eerily similar about The Walrus and her owner- no matter what life throws at them, they both always seem to find a way to survive. Here’s hoping they can do it at least once more.

Episode 410, “XXXVIII,” premieres Sunday April 2nd at 9 pm eastern/ 8 pm central on Starz. Subscribers can also watch full episodes online or on the Starz mobile app. Check back to on Monday April 3rd for the series finale recap.

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