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‘Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Fetal Kick Catalyst’

Published on October 28th, 2016 | Updated on October 28th, 2016 | By FanFest

Penny got asked to sign autographs at a convention but she is skeptical. Leonard admits that it’s a teeny convention which makes her not really want to go.

Over dinner, Amy suggests that she and Sheldon have guests over sometime and Sheldon questions what type of occasion they’d have people over.

Howard and Bernadette are asleep and he feels the baby kicking and wakes up. He has the epiphany that they aren’t ready to have the baby. They need to baby-proof and what about the school district?

Leonard gets Penny’s headshots together to help get her hyped about the convention.

Sheldon decides to arrange a brunch with Bert, Mrs. Petrescu, and Stuart. Amy is surprised and flattered.

Howard and Raj went shopping and got a crib… without Bernadette. He also bought- er borrowed a mini van.

Penny and Leonard are at the convention and some guy is staring at her. He insults her movie and her acting.

Back at brunch, Sheldon tries to open a champagne bottle… he succeeds but it still terrifies him.

The guys visiting Penny’s booth begin objectifying her and Leonard is getting tired of it. One guy doesn’t believe they are married. So Leonard tells the whole story of how they are together to that guy and his friends… Look what you started Penny.

Howard is persistent in trying to sell the van to Bernadette. And when he tries to get the crib out, he throws his back out. So Bernadette drives him, Raj and the mini van to the ER and he is annoying to say the least. So Raj puts on a cartoon Batman show. It pacifies him enough and she decides to buy the van.

Sheldon lets it slip that this brunch is a practice brunch and Stuart is hurt. Sheldon tries to make it up to him by  proposing a toast to Stuart. This leads to them getting drunk on mimosas and telling each other what they love most about each other.


This episode was so back and forth that it was hard to keep up! Like seriously, every other scene was a different couple! I got dizzy! Hopefully next week flows a bit more and stands still longer. Geez!

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