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“Batwoman” Recap: “Prior Criminal History”

Published on January 25th, 2021 | Updated on January 25th, 2021 | By FanFest

Here we go, DC fans! The second episode of the season. Thanks for checking out our Batwoman Recap for  Prior Criminal History

The episode opens with Alice (Rachel Skarsten), who is batshit insane (haha get it), tying a not to a mouse. She seems to intend to send the note back to the sender with the mouse. A bunch of bats show up to devour the mouse.

We flip to two months ago, Ryan (Javicia Leslie) is walking down the street wearing cat years. It must be Halloween. She is being followed by strange men and ambushed. They pull a gun on her when they find out she has no money and she is saved by the previous Batwoman, Kate Kane.

Ryan is applying for a security guard job and has to explain why she went to Blackgate. She tries to explain that it was an asset and she realizes she isn’t getting the job.

We find Jacob watching a video about when he betrayed Batwoman and tried to shoot her dead. Jacob and Sophie grill Mary and Luke about Kate being Batwoman. They reveal nothing. Sophie is upset Julia never revealed that Batwoman was Kate.

Ryan is shopping for Painkillers and the convenience store gets robbed. Even though her Kryptonite bullet wound is bothering her she takes the robbers down. The police show up and tell her to put her hands up.

Ryan is being Interrogated by Sophie, apparently the two know each other. Sophie is convinced she was the one robbing the store and accuses her. A guard confirms her story and Sophie lets her go. Sophie thinks Ryan knows Alice is Jacob’s daughter but she was referring to Alice being white, leaving both women confused.

Ryan pays a visit to Mary in her secret clinic. Since leaving the Crow’s HQ she has figured out that Alice is Beth Kane. When Ryan accuses her of covering for Alice Mary tells her what happened. At the same time one of Mary’s… nurses? Brings Mouse’s body in.

Julia tries texting Sophie and is ambushed by Alice in her car. Alice is there to warn Julia about something coming and also reveals that Safiyah killed Kate and wants Julia’s help to get Safiyah. Alice stabs her and then leaves. Not fatally!

Luke arrives at Mary’s clinic. They learn the same toxin that killed Mary’s mom is responsible for Mouse’s death. A bat bursts from his chest, scaring everyone.

Things are getting brutal in Gotham, as people search for Batwoman. Luke and company learn about Alice contacting Julia and begin deliberating where Alice will strike. They think it is the same place the Batwoman protest is happening. Ryan offers to put on the suit to disperse the protesters.

Jacob orders the protesters arrested but Sophie disagrees. Ryan has put on the suit and is on top of the building. The protesters catch sight of her and begin cheering but Jacob realizes it is not Kate. He wants her taken off the roof and Ryan tries to get them to disperse but they just keep cheering. Then Alice arrives to confront Ryan, claiming Ryan is not Batwoman.

Ryan is intent on killing Alice, even though Luke tells her not to. Ryan shuts her coms off and engages Alice. Ryan grabs hold of her but Alice activates a device that sends a swarm of bats after the protesters.

The team realizes the bats may be infected with the toxin, which would be deadly to the protesters. Ryan heads after Alice though, but Luke convinced her to go after the device luring the bats instead. With Luke’s help, she locates the device. She saves Sophie’s life and tells her to get those bitten to a hospital and tells Luke she has a plan.

Mary tries to help people at her clinic. She finds Alice waiting for her in her office. Alice gives Mary some of Mary’s own blood that has the desert rose in it, so she can cure those bit. Alice makes a quip about the new Batwoman before leaving.

Ryan is in the batmobile with the device, leading the bats away. Sophie brings more people bit to the clinic and Mary explains that she’s bringing to get enough cure synthesized for everyone. Meanwhile, Ryan leaves the device in a bus she hijacks and lures all the bats inside before shutting the door on them. She blows the bus up, killing all the bats inside while shielding a homeless woman from the explosion.

In the aftermath, Hamilton Dynamics has synthesized a cure and is immunizing everyone. Sophie and Mary muse about what Alice’s actual end game was and Sophie hopes the new Batwoman is ready. Sophie confronts Julia about the new Batwoman. Julia thinks she has a location on Alice, though. Sophie heads to where Alice is holed up after Julia asks her if Kate told her she loved her.

Jacob has Mary brought to him to tell her he doesn’t want to give up on Kate. Mary thinks they have to work together to find her.

We find Ryan looking over the suit in the cave when Mary and Luke show up. Ryan asks to stay on as Batwoman. She wants to give the city hope. Mary is on board but Luke reminds Ryan that if she is Batwoman so she can NOT kill. Then concedes and agrees Ryan can be Batwoman until Kate returns.

Ryan finds Kate’s journals and reads an entry Kate wrote about her. She then writes in the journal, writing a message for Kate.

Sophie finds Alice and has her handcuffed, only for someone to put a sword to Sophie’s throat. The stranger knocks Sophie out and tells Alice she has incurred Safiyah’s wrath. Her name is revealed as Tatiana. Tatiana knocks Alice out too and the episode comes to a close.

What did you think of this week’s episode, are you warming up to the new Batwoman? Where do you think we’re headed? Let us know below!

Batwoman airs Sundays (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) on The CW. You can also catch the episode the following day on the CW’s digital platforms!

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