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‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 2 Synopsis: ‘Party’s Over, Time to Go Home’

Published on September 6th, 2016 | Updated on September 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

Last season on ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’, Ash and his comrades Pablo and Kelly did what they needed to do (no, really, just the bare minimum if Ash had anything to say about it) to fight the Evil he released (again).

They traveled from place to place, trying to put the dead back where it belongs, only to get beaten, bruised and possessed along the way. Ash found a formidable foe in Ruby (Lucy Lawless), and the season ended with him giving her the book, and then hitting the road to Jacksonville with Pablo and Kelly.

But, we all know that Ash can never truly be done; the Evil will always find a way back to him. Season two of ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ will be no different, one can only hope he got the dream of Jacksonville out of his system, and is ready to strap on the chainsaw again.


The party in Jacksonville is over when Ash, Pablo, and Kelly are summoned by Ruby back to Ash’s hometown to form an unlikely alliance. Ash’s dad Brock, and the local pub rats give a chilly welcome to the man who’s come to save them from evil.



I can’t wait to see how Ash reacts to revisiting his home town, where he isn’t exactly sporting hero status. This bloody-fun show and its group of reluctant soldiers, will be back fighting the Evil Dead, Sunday, October 2nd on Starz.

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