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‘Arrow’ Season Finale Preview ‘Schism’

Well, fellow Arrow fans it has been an amazing fourth season! This Wednesday, the concluding chapter for Arrow season 4 will air in the episode titled ‘Schism’.

Last week, ‘Lost in the Flood’ left us with Damien Darhk crashing in on Felicity, Curtis and Donna ordering Felicity that he needs her to do something for him. Darhk’s rage has now begun to spiral, after his wife, Ruve Darhk was killed when H.I.V.E’s ark aka safe haven for when Genesis took place collapsed in on itself as a result of Team Arrow battling the deranged Lonnie Machin aka Anarchy.

Now that Darhk has his mystical powers back and is stronger now more than ever, Team Arrow certainly has their hands full with this one. Executive Producer Wendy Mericle has been talking about this finale for weeks now, and has said it is their strongest and most destructive finale yet. This is one you definitely do not want to miss, Arrow fans.

Check out the preview below:


“Oliver (Stephen Amell) teams up with a surprising force in an attempt to stop Damien Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough) and his magic once and for all.”

Who could this ‘surprising force’ be? Some fans have speculated that Oliver will put his thoughts of vengeance for Laurel’s death aside, and will work with Malcolm Merlyn. Other hopeful fans have begun wondering if Constantine or Vixen will be making their way to Star City. All I know is, regardless of who this ‘surprising force’ is, I’m super stoked.

As we learned last week, Darhk’s plan now is strictly for the purpose of revenge and he plans to bring the whole world to its end in a ring of nuclear fire. Felicity, Noah and Curtis were able to stop Darhk before; hopefully they will be able to do it once more.

In addition to the preview, Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim also tweeted the following comic strip teaser yesterday:

‘Schism’, the Season 4 finale of Arrow will air on Wednesday, May 25th at 8PM/EST on The CW.


According to Webster’s Dictionary. ‘Schism’ is a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief. (In this case, I would say Darhk v Oliver).

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