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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘The Slabside Redemption’

Published on November 27th, 2018 | Updated on November 27th, 2018 | By FanFest

After seven seasons of Arrow, I have never once felt as strongly about an episode as I did with last night’s. I’m still in awe at the phenomenal writing and directing skills of James Bamford. This was truly a PHENOMENAL episode, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings.

‘The Slabside Redemption’ started with Oliver being told by a guard that he was getting his early release that day. Meanwhile, outside Diaz arrived at Slabside by police escort – where he immediately killed off two of the guards outside.

In the cafeteria, Stanley asked Oliver if he would get Laurel to help in his case. Oliver refused, saying it was wrong of him to frame Turner for the murder of the Corrections Officer. After this, Oliver snuck away to Turner’s cell, where he told Turner that he remembered Turner as the man who once saved Lyla’s life, and Oliver believed he could be that man again. He informed Turner he was going to speak with ARGUS about the possibility of getting Turner transferred.

Oliver headed back to his cell, where he was told he had a visitor. When Oliver arrived in the visitation room, he saw that Diaz was waiting for him in disguise. Diaz told Oliver he would make him suffer, like he did, before killing Oliver and his family. Oliver attempted to break the glass and warn the guards that it was Diaz, but they didn’t listen and instead took Oliver back to his cell. Oliver gathered his belongings and used a can of deodorant and a battery to make a bomb, which he used to break out of his cell. After fighting his way through several guards, the prison went into lockdown.

Oliver ran into Brick and Samson, and the three of them started fighting. As they did, Ben Turner appeared and helped Oliver gain the upper hand on the duo. The pair then headed to the mess hall, where they found a bunch of prisoners beating up two guards. Oliver and Turner worked together to save the guards. Oliver told Turner to take the guards to the panic room, while he headed out and got some supplies for the commissary – where he ran into Stanley. Stanley began having a breakdown, upset that Oliver has about to leave him in prison. Oliver managed to knock Stanley to the floor, before locking him inside the commissary.

Oliver and Turner made their way to the mess hall, only to find out Diaz planted an explosive device – and then he set an electrical fire in the prison. While the other prisoners started fighting Oliver and Turner, Diaz ran off and escaped. After a decent amount of time, Oliver and Turner managed to take out all the rogue prisoners and save the remaining guards. Oliver and Turner parted ways; leaving Turner to save the Guards and Oliver to find Diaz.

Oliver managed to track Diaz down and the two of them started fighting in the main prison hall. After a few minutes of epic fighting, Diaz managed to knock Oliver back in his cell. Diaz informed Oliver that Felicity was no longer the same, and she infact tried to kill Diaz herself. Oliver refused to believe Diaz, but took the opportunity to gain the upper hand and knock out Diaz and lock him in his cell.

In the morgue, Stanley and Brick ran into each other. As Brick tried to escape through the window, he was stabbed by Stanley who stated ‘you should have been nicer to me’, and then Stanley escaped. Once the riot settled and the police and fire departments showed up, one of the guards went up to Turner and thanked him for saving their lives.

Outside the prison, Oliver was greeted by Oliver and Felicity, as a free man.


Arrow will return on Monday, December 3rd at 8PM/EST on The CW.



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