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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Level Two’

Published on November 6th, 2018 | Updated on November 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

After this weeks episode, I just have one thing to say: Star City needs Oliver now more than ever. While our vigilante hero is trapped behind concrete walls, his family and former team mates are struggling to keep Ricardo Diaz at bay… with the help of a ‘new’ Green Arrow.

‘Level Two’ began with Oliver sitting in his cell. He was then approached by a psychiatrist by the name of Jay Parker, who informed Oliver that his job was to evaluate Oliver’s mental stability. Oliver stated he had no business asking Oliver questions, and that he inducted himself into Level Two on purpose. He stated that there was a man in Level Two connected to Ricardo Diaz, who attacked his family, and he needed to find out who the man exactly was.

Back in Star City, Felicity met with Rene and told her that they needed to use her to find out information on Ricardo Diaz – even if it meant torture. Rene stated that wasn’t how things were done, and talked Felicity down. He then headed out to meet with Dinah at City hall, where Dinah hosted a meeting with the local townsfolk. To Dinah’s surprise, many people stated that the police were not doing their job – and they felt much safer when the town was protected by Vigilantes. After the meeting, Dinah walks outside to see that an arsonist had started a fire. As Dinah made to help, she noticed that the new Green Arrow was already on the case, and rescued everyone – including Rene and his daughter Zoe.

In prison, Parker entered Oliver’s cell to ask him if he was ready to have a conversation now – after days of no food or water. Oliver began opening up about how his father sacrificed himself so that Oliver could live. Oliver then refused to answer any more questions.

In Star City, Rene gets wind of another fire in the glades. When Rene arrived here, he immediately began helping people alongside the new Green Arrow. Dinah arrived, making to arrest the Green Arrow. Rene intervened, allowing him to escape. Dinah, regretfully, arrested Rene due to his actions. When they arrived back at the station, Dinah was surprised to find Diggle there. He began questioning Dinah, asking her about her sudden switch to anti-vigilantism, when she was The Black Canary.

Dinah then visited Rene in his cell and asked him to work alongside her, as long as he does it her way. Rene agreed, and received a file folder from Dinah. Apparently, someone was setting fires in the glades so that real estate developers could come in and build new properties on the same land.

Together, they track down the arsonist before he is able to set another fire. Dinah and Rene are knocked down by two other henchmen along with the arsonist, but were quickly saved by the new Green Arrow. Together, the three of them worked together to catch the arsonist and his team.

Elsewhere, Laurel and Felicity met up to begin questioning Silencer. Laurel kept talking Felicity down from torturing her, which only enraged Felicity more.  After Felicity goes in and talks to Silencer, she is called away by Laurel. Felicity drops a screwdriver on the ground, and walks off to talk to Laurel. After completing their stage fake argument, Felicity comes back to see that Silencer took the bait and used the screwdriver to escape. When Laurel asked why Felicity did such a thing, Felicity stated that she implanted Silencer with a tracking device that would lead them directly to Diaz.


In Future ‘Flash Aheads’ – Roy and William both arrived back in Star City, where they encountered several unfriendly police officers. The officers were taken out by a masked vigilante, who was revealed to be Dinah. Together, the three of them discovered an underground map of the Glades, which showed the areas undamaged by the ‘Star City War’. As they spoke, a second vigilante entered the room – Zoe, dressed just like the Black Canary. It was then revealed to William and Roy that Felicity Smoak was dead, and had been for years.


Arrow  will return on Monday, November 12th at 8PM/EST on The CW.


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