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‘Arrow’: Olicity Break-Up Will Be Explored

Published on April 5th, 2017 | Updated on April 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

‘Olicity’ fans across the world protested when our favorite pair called it quits in the Season 4 episode ‘Taken’; thanks to Oliver’s profound need to constantly keep secrets. At the start of Season 5, it appeared as though the couple definitely still were on the ‘off’ side of things.  After a long wait, we are going to learn more about the factors which led into the couple’s demise.

When the couple first separated, one thing that we knew for sure was that the separation was largely due to distrust. After hiding away his son, Oliver became someone whom Felicity couldn’t trust anymore, and she made the choice to walk out. Since then, the duo have reconciled a friendship, but they’re still far from becoming lovers again. Although, perhaps Felicity journeying down the dark path with Helix will result in Oliver reaching out to her in a way that only he can.  Executive Producer, Marc Guggenheim told TV Line that very soon… Felicity will have to face the break-up directly soon enough.

During his interview, Marc Guggenheim opened up about how Felicity will ruminate over the deepest roots of her break-up with Oliver in “Underneath.” The upcoming episode will be focused on the character, and the producer had this to say about its heart-wrenching backstory:

“They never really had a full-on discussion or exploration of why that breakup happened. Felicity just sort of reached her breaking point and walked out the door. This is definitely an examination of the state of their breakup. It comes out of the events of 519 [‘Dangerous Liaisons’] and, quite frankly, all the other episodes that led up to it. Something happens in 519 that really tees up this conversation.”


‘Dangerous Liaisons’ will air when Arrow returns on Wednesday, April 26th at 8PM/EST on the CW.



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