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‘American Gods’ Recap “Come to Jesus”

Published on June 19th, 2017 | Updated on June 19th, 2017 | By FanFest

In the season finale, we meet Jesus – all of them. As Wednesday said early in the series, ‘there’s a lot of need for Jesus. So there are lots of Jesuses’- one for every denomination.

In the opening scene, Mr. Nancy has his spiders spinning fabrics as he makes Shadow and Wednesday new suits. Nancy tells them Bilquis’s story. It’s fitting that she be from Africa and the Middle east, the cradle of the human race. She is an ancient queen of creation and rebirth. Every king tries to conquer her – every king fails. After the revolution in 1970’s Tehran, she comes to America on a plane, deriving power from the original mile high club. She thrives in the 1970’s until her temple is destroyed by religious zealots. She is barely surviving on the streets, possibly starved after the aids epidemic, when she is approached by Technical Boy. He gives her a cell phone for Tinder access and followers. The moral of the story is that Wednesday needs to get himself a queen who will always prevail. But who’s side is this queen on?

Shadow is pissed Wednesday is casually having a suit made after murdering Vulcan. But Wednesday assures him that he’ll get a suit too. That’s not exactly the point. Shadow is now having dreams of breaking through a wall of skulls and climbing to the tree of life with the white buffalo. The tree isn’t attacking him now.

The suits made for Shadow and Wednesday are beautiful Sunday best suits. They’ll impress any proper Southern lady. The pair stop in Kentucky to visit the goddess Easter. Wednesday warns Shadow to make should Easter doesn’t take an interest in him. Does Easter make pets of those she likes? She’s the queen that Wednesday hopes to win over, not Bilquis. When Easter spies Wednesday, she isn’t happy he crashed her party.

Shadow is smitten with Easter. Does she have a spell over mortal men? She calls Shadow a pleasure, Wednesday brought her a “chocolate pleasure.” Easter does like her chocolate.

Wednesday reminds us that Easter was her own god before Christ crawled out of his grave. As a true Southern lady she isn’t going to insult Jesus Christ by saying so. Now she skims her worship off the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. Wednesday then lies and tells her that the new gods killed Vulcan for forging a blade for him.

Bilquis is approached again by Technical Boy in a museum of her own relics. He insists she play their game and align with them over Wednesday. He now has gold teeth, replacements from Media knocking his teeth out. Bilquis immediately hits on Technical Boy, but he turns her down, knowing where that leads. He’s calling in the favor for bringing her back to power.

Back at Easter’s party, we meet a Jesus sitting on water. He accidently puts his glass down and it sinks. Shadow asks him how to believe any of this. Jesus tells him even if he doesn’t believe, he can only travel where his senses lead him and he has to take the road to the end.

Wednesday tells Easter she should make the followers of Christ starve, as Christ fasted in the desert. They never were deprived, so they don’t understand exactly who they are supposed to worship. The current follows have always had a bounty, frozen dinners and microwaves helping them through the long winters.

Easter then has to confront Sweeney for bringing a dead girl to her party. Easter owes Sweeney a favor, but she can’t resurrect Laura because Laura was killed by a god. She is dead of a different kind and Easter can’t interfere with that. Sweeny confesses Laura was sacrificed to Wednesday for Shadow. He says it didn’t have to be Shadow specifically, the gods just mess with people for the same of messing with them. She wonders what Wednesday has to lose.

Media arrives to remind Easter that she helped popularize all the chocolates and Peeps that have kept her hanging on. Easter assures them that she is doing fine without Wednesday. But Wednesday’s words hit home with Easter, she tells Media she feels misrepresented because people aren’t actually worshipping Easter. The Mr. World and Technical Boy arrive to renew alliances.

Mr. World points out that Wednesday is only relevant in matters of war and World won’t allow a war to happen. Wednesday then demonstrates that he still has enough worship for strength. He uses a lightning bolt to kill of Mr. World’s henchmen. Is Mr. World dead as well? Wednesday dedicates the kill to Easter. He then introduces himself to Wednesday as Odin, the All Father.

Easter then shows everyone her true power. She makes everything bloom. She then kills everything off. Her gift is life, and she will be withholding it until prayers are directed to her.

Laura appears on Easter’s balcony and insists on talking to Shadow. As mad as he was the last time her saw Laura, Shadow looks pretty smitten again. In the last scene Bilquis is on a bus headed to “House on the Rock.” That’s it for the season. American Gods has already been renewed for a second season on Starz.

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