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#AmberHeardIsAnAbuser is Trending on Twitter Ahead of Final Week of Johnny Depp Trial

Published on May 23rd, 2022 | Updated on May 23rd, 2022 | By FanFest

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is set to resume today, with Depp expected to return to the witness stand.  Amber Heard’s legal team is expected to call on Depp to ask Depp questions regarding the allegations of abuse made by Heard during her opportunity to present her defense.

As the case is in its final week and closing arguments are expected Friday, the move to call Depp could be one that could backfire on Heard’s legal team.  Depp has come off very nice and likeable during his testimony.  It is highly likely that Depp’s legal team has prepared Depp for any questions that Heard’s team could throw at him.

As emotions and drama are at a high in the trial, the same can be said for fans and spectators on social media.  On Twitter, the leading hashtag in the case, which is also trending nationally at the time of writing this article, is #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser.


Each account has their own reasoning for utilizing the hashtag.  Let’s look at a few of them.

The first post says that Amber Heard fans are making claims without any facts and then closing their comments, ” #IStandWithAmberHeard people, the reason you feel the need to close your comments is because even you know you don’t have an actual argument on this! We on the other hand have evidence, facts, countless arguments and REASON on our side. #JusticeForJohnny #AmberHeardlsAnAbuser

This one takes a swipe at Vogue magazine, claiming its time to boycott the media outlet.
I think it’s time to start boycotting Vogue magazine! #AmberIsALiar #AmberHeardlsAnAbuser #AmberTurd #JusticeForJohnnyDeep

— Pagan🌠Goddess🏴‍☠️♑🌛🦉🍁⭐ (@dimccorkle) May 22, 2022

The next user is directly throwing their opinion at Heard.

So they use abuser and imperfect victim synonymously if the abuser happens to be a woman #AmberHeardlsAnAbuser #AmberIsALiar

— Joe Valentine (@joegatling1) May 23, 2022

This one points out that no matter what your gender is, an abuser is an abuser completely.

Female abusers are NOT ‘imperfect victims’ anymore than men are. If you’re an abuser you’re an abuser. Full stop. Stop excusing abuse based on genitalia. It’s wrong and it invalidates the victims of abuse. #AmberHeardlsAnAbuser #JusticeForJohnnyDepp#MenToo

— Jo ❤ Be the change you wish to see in the world ❤ (@Jotan70) May 23, 2022

This next post shares some New York street art that depicts Amber Heard as Pinocchio.

NY street art. Love it#JusticeForJohnny #JohnnyDepp #AmberIsALiar #streetart #AmberHeardlsAnAbuser #JohnnyDepp

— Z_dd (@Sunshine_bestUK) May 23, 2022

Finally, this final post points out that Amber Heard has attempted to destroy Johnny Depp, completely.

That’s the kind of person he is. Amber tried to destroy everything good within him. She feels empty & hollow on the inside (as is common with BPD) so she can’t stand people who she knows she can never measure up to. #JusticeForJohnny #AmberHeardlsAnAbuser #DeppvHeard

— I ❤ books (@LovePar45351124) May 23, 2022

For updates, read today’s article on what we can expect today when Johnny Depp returns to the witness stand.

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