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Chucky’s Newest Twist Regarding Jennifer Tilly was Almost 20 Years in the Making

Published on November 5th, 2022 | Updated on November 6th, 2022 | By FanFest

WARNING: Spoilers for Chucky ahead! Jennifer Tilly has been playing a role in the Chucky franchise ever since appearing as Tiffany Valentine in Bride of Chucky. But later on, she made an even bigger mark on the series by appearing as herself in Seed of Chucky. Since then, the actress has pulled double duty, acting as Tiffany (who has taken over Jennifer Tilly’s body) and voicing Tiffany the doll. However, the latest episode of the series gave us some major perspective—and even saw Tilly take on yet another role.

After last week’s episode and the escape of Nica Pierce, Tiffany (as Tilly) is feeling down and unsure about what to do next. When her sister Meg confronts her, she tries to reminisce with her about things from their past, but Tiffany doesn’t know the details because she’s not actually Jennifer Tilly. In a moment of desperation, she retreats into one of her many private rooms and pulls a sheet off a giant bird cage to reveal…a Tiffany doll that is possessed by the actual Jennifer Tilly!

Chucky's Newest Twist Regarding Jennifer Tilly was Almost 20 Years in the Making

This scene indicates that for the past twenty years, Jennifer Tilly has been stuck inside the Tiffany doll from the film. The doll reveals that she’s been kept in a cage so Tiffany can continue to live her best life, winning money on online poker, answering her own fan mail, and even providing the voice for her character Bonnie on Family Guy; all while trapped inside a doll body.

Tiffany tries to get Jennifer to give her the dirt on her past so she can keep up the charade with Meg, but she instead recites The Blues Brothers plot word-for-word, making Meg suspicious. When confronted, Jennifer Tilly (inside the doll) pleads with Tiffany for help–but Tiffany kills her anyway.

Tiffany tells Glen about everything, and she’s sorry for being a bad mom and lying to him. This prompts her to show him their former doll body that he hasn’t seen since Seed of Chucky. Now knowing the truth, Glen says they need to take this to Glenda so she can have some answers too. To cover up what they’ve done, Tiffany and set fire to the house before driving away with Jennifer Tilly (still stuck in the doll) tucked in the back seat along with Glen’s doll body.

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