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7 TV Friendships That Were Total BFF Goals

Published on July 30th, 2019 | Updated on July 30th, 2019 | By FanFest

July 30th marks the International Day of Friendship! Here are some of our favorite on-screen female friendships from over the years. Be sure to let us know what duo is at the top of your list int the comments.

1. Blair & Serena, Gossip Girl

These two often perfectly embodied the term “frenemies” but they always found their way back to each other. They were fiercely protective and deep down always had their friend’s best interests at heart. No matter what boy or XOXO drama came between these two, they were definitely both friend (and fashion) goals.

2. Haley, Peyton & Brooke, One Tree Hill

Peyton, Brooke, and Haley went through their fair share of tests as friends, but they fought through all of the drama and formed a beautiful friendship. They’ve all been roommates, shared jail cells…and boys, but they always knew a bond with a best friend is something that could never be broken. They taught you that even the worst things can be forgiven.

3. Ann & Leslie, Parks and Recreation

Find yourself a friend who loves and completely supports you the way that Leslie and Ann do to each other. Their friendship was so perfectly portrayed and was a great example to girls everywhere. You should always be building your best friend up instead of tearing them down. You should always be laughing together, and most importantly you should always have each other’s back.

4. Meredith & Cristina, Grey’s Anatomy

We have these two to thank for adding “you’re my person” to our friendship vernacular. Meredith and Christina had plenty of dark and challenging issues but they always dropped everything for the other person, bought a bottle of tequila and danced it out. There were a lot of relationships that walked through the halls of Seattle Grace, but theirs was by far the best.

5. Rachel, Monica & Phoebe, Friends

The three ladies of our favorite group of friends always found a way to make themselves, and us, laugh our asses off. This trio was always supportive and willing to help each other out no matter how crazy the idea was. They proved that even the most opposite of people can form a bond that you’d never expect. The way that Monica helped Rachel and brought her into her circle in a time of need was a great example of no matter how much time has passed, a best friend is always a friend.

6. CeCe & Jess, New Girl

Sure, the original focus of the show was supposed to be between Jess and her male loft mates, but once we learned more about Jess and CeCe’s lifelong friendship it immediately became a standout. They balance each other out and go to whatever lengths necessary to help each other. These two have no problem telling the other when they are being crazy, but they are right there the next second with a shoulder to cry on. Everyone should have a friend down for some antics the way these two are.

7. Lorelai & Rory, Gilmore Girls

You have to give props to the show that made us all want to become best friends with our mothers. Yes, reaching the Gilmore level mother-daughter relationship wasn’t really attainable but they were so in tune with each other and always having fun that it made you wish it was. Through their ups and downs, they always made sure to fight for their close relationship and that is a lesson any friend can learn.

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