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5 Deaths on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ we Could Have Lived Without

Published on November 9th, 2017 | Updated on November 9th, 2017 | By FanFest

On Thursday evening, one of the most influential pop culture television shows will celebrate a big achievement and we’re a bit emotional about it. Grey’s Anatomy is celebrating 300 episodes and the preview shown has us reminiscing about the original Seattle Grace interns.

Yep, George and Christina are mirrored by two patients who show up to Grey Sloan Memorial in quite a predicament. Of course, they’re bickering back and forth and it reminds Meredith of the pair. At one point, the patients even tell the doctors to stop looking at them, they aren’t their friends.

So clearly, we got nostalgic and thought of who else we wish we could see in the 300th episode. Then, we were crushed because we remembered who is behind the series: Shonda Rhimes, a woman who loves to hurt us all. So a lot of the people we wish could make their big return are, well, dead.

They’re not just dead, they’re victims of huge tragedies and it makes it even harder to look back at the series and think of them before they met their fate. Doing everything from saving families to being at the wrong place at the wrong time and even dying of a broken heart (in a way) – our favorite characters can’t just make a return to the windy city.

We shed some tears, and then we put together the most tragic Grey’s Anatomy deaths to commemorate 300 episodes and pay homage to those characters we miss so much.

George O’Malley

We don’t have to say much…his death was absolutely traumatic. Not only did he die during one of the worst possible times, the way it was presented was heartbreaking. He died trying to save someone and when he was rushed to the hospital, they thought he was a lost cause. Of course, they still tried to save him, and it was only after he was able to trace 007 into Meredith’s palm that they realized who he was.

Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan was the bad guy turned good persona, but he was never really that bad. Okay, so he didn’t always make the greatest decisions, but he had a good heart at the center of who he really was and it managed to shine beautifully. It was only after he truly fell in love that we saw Mark totally unguarded. Lexie Grey ‘didn’t break him, she put him back together’ and he took up such a big place in all of our hearts.

In Mark’s last moments, the surge, he had a heart to heart with Avery. He spoke about people and leaving them better or worse, and love – the kind you can’t keep quiet about. We’re glad he’s off into some better place with Lexie, but we would take him back in a heartbeat.

Lexie Grey

That brings us to our next death. Lexie Grey. She came to Seattle Grace in rough waters, like many others, but she was up against a namesake. Her own sister wanted nothing to do with her and she had to prove herself as a doctor and a person to people who knew Meredith for years. It was hard, but she did it, she warmed the hearts of everyone, including Mark Sloan.

Their love made both of them stronger, and it also made both of them realize things about themselves that they didn’t see before. One of the most heartbreaking things about her death, sans the whole plane crash thing, was that she died right when she was about to truly get her big love. The world, including Mark and Lexie, knew that that type of magic love existed between them. However, they were stubborn and it took a while for them to be on the same page.

They both got big speeches in before her death, so their feelings were spoken, but they deserved the whole white picket fence life together. Or the Seattle high rise equivalent.

Denny Duquette

What can we say about Denny? A lot, that’s what. He was charming, he was too young to be in such bad health, he was handsome, he was funny, and he stole Izzie’s heart. Unfortunately, she couldn’t save his. He was the character you rooted for from the very beginning.

You wanted Denny to get a new heart and to get his happy ending. You wanted it for him, for Burke, and for Izzie so when we realized that it didn’t happen, it was terrible. However, it was even more painful that it looked like it was going to before everything changed suddenly.

Denny had quite a few ‘close calls’ but he managed to bounce back, so when he finally got his heart, we thought there’s no way Shonda would make us suffer by seeing him suffer again. We were wrong. He did suffer, we had to see it, and then we had to see Izzie find the man she loved, and thought was finally pulling through, dead in a hospital bed.

We’ll forever be rooting for a happy ending for Denny and Izzie, his death left her a changed woman, too.

Derek Shepherd

Is it even possible to think we’d be over this one yet? No. Derek was the heart of the show and the love of Meredith’s life. He built her a dream home, and before he built it, he outlined it with candles to show her how beautiful their lives could be together. He gave the most romantic speeches – remember the 48 uninterrupted hours – and he looked at her like she might actually have hung the moon. He was a surgeon and a fierce one at that, and it’s just not been the same since he died.

The tragedy of his death comes from not only the reason he died but the way it happened. He went to a hospital without a doctor who knew what they really needed to do, and the only person who thought of his wellbeing was one who didn’t speak up enough. He narrated us through his own demise and they played THE song while Meredith was telling him goodbye.

Honestly, we’re still waiting for Derek to show up and say it was all some government cover up or something. We won’t hold our breath.

What was the most tragic death for you on Grey’s Anatomy? Let us know.


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