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12 ‘Game of Thrones’ Reunions That Need to Happen This Season

Published on August 6th, 2017 | Updated on August 6th, 2017 | By FanFest

Arya and Littlefinger

Littlefinger may be creeping on the eldest Stark daughter at the moment, but a reunion with Arya could be on the horizon for him. The last time he saw her was at Harrenhal in Season 2 when he was plotting against her family and just being an all around weasel, so it’s safe to say that Arya will definitely have some thoughts when she sees him again.

Theon and Bran

Watching Theon behead Ser Rodrik Cassel was probably the most traumatic thing to happen to Ban since Jamie pushed him out of the tower in the pilot. Not to mention he also burned two farm boys alive and passed them off as Rickon and Bran. I’m sure Bran knows everything that Theon has gone through, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t have a lot of feelings towards Theon if they meet again.

Jorah and Dany

Jorah and Dany have had a whirlwind of a relationship. They had their third, yes third, goodbye in the Season 6 finale when Dany sent Jorah away to get his greyscale cured. Well, he did that thanks to the lovable Samwell Tarly and now he will presumably be on his way back to the one woman that’s always had his heart, and just in time for a battle it looks like.

Arya and the Hound

Arya and The Hound have also had an incredibly complex and interesting relationship, which resulted in her leaving him for dead in Season 4. Well, he didn’t die, which means that a reunion is certainly in the cards for them in the upcoming seasons. Arya has admitted to being confused about her feelings towards him since then so perhaps they’re reunion could be a more positive one.

Jon and Bran

Bran and Jon didn’t interact all that much in Season 1, but they did share a couple of touching scenes. He always looked out for Bran, teaching him how to shoot arrows, or telling him to “not look away” when his father beheaded the wall abandoner. He didn’t share any scenes with Rickon and was devastated when he was unable to save him, so his reunion with Bran will hopefully be another tearjerker (but on much better terms).

Sansa and Cersei

Cersei and Sansa cultivated a very complicated relationship during Sansa’s extended stay at King’s Landing. We often saw Cersei providing guidance and advice to Sansa, and unlike her other children, Sansa seems to have taken a lot of it to heart. However, Cersei doesn’t know yet that Sansa had nothing to do with Joffrey’s murder so if by some happenstance these two meet before Jamie can relay that news then things may not go all that well for Sansa.

Arya and Cersei

If there’s one place that you do not want to be, it’s on Arya’s list and Cersei has had a lovely spot on it since the beginning. I imagine that Arya wish of her death will come true eventually, but who knows who hands it will actually be at.

Tyrion and Cersei

It’s safe to say that when these two reunite, things are going to go down. Not only are they on opposing sides of the battle for the Iron Throne, but Tyrion also murdered their father. Not to mention, much like Sansa she still believe that Tyrion is responsible for Joffrey’s death. Going to be a very interesting family reunion if these two ever share the screen again.

Sansa and Arya

The two Stark sisters were never very close, but their love for each other was apparent throughout the series since they parted ways. They’ve both been through so much that one would need a sister around for, so I expect this reunion to be quite heartwarming. Plus, it will be totally kickass watching these two band together to get the revenge and justice their family deserves.

Theon and Jon Snow

Theon was never really the most well behaved to the Starks even before he betrayed them and took over Winterfell. He always seemed to enjoy poking fun at Jon Snow, probably because it made him feel better knowing that the bastard was looked even more down upon than him. Well, from the looks of it, Theon may be heading to Dragonstone this week where he will certainly have to answer for his actions to the now King in the North.

Jamie and Tyrion

The brotherly relationship between Jamie and Tyrion has always been a good one. Jamie even went as far to let Tyrion go before he was set to be executed. Of course, Tyrion then went on to murder their father so that definitely put a stick in things. However, Jamie has always had a soft spot for Tyrion and now that he knows he had nothing to do with Joffrey’s murder and watches as Cersei continues to go off the deep end, he may be more inclined to empathize with his brother if they are to meet again.

Jon Snow and Arya Stark

Probbaly the most anticipated Stark reunion is that of Jon Snow and Arya. The two clearly had an extremely close relationship based on what we saw in the pilot and Arya’s reaction to hearing that Jon was back at Winterfell gave everyone all of the feels. Not to mention that after everything Arya has been through she still has Needle, which has always been a wonderful connection to Jon. It’s going to be such a treat to see these two together again.

Some Honorable Mentions:

Arya and Gendry

Tyrion and Bronn

Sansa and The Hound

Sansa and Tyrion

Jon Snow and Benjen Stark





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