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The Walking Dead Movie: Andrew Lincoln Ready To Return!

There’s a lot of news this week on the world of The Walking Dead after the three AMC shows each had their San Diego Comic-Con at Home panels.  However, fans are clamoring for news on the Rick Grimes Movie and the return of Andrew Lincoln to the role. The man who is in charge of The Walking Dead Universe, Scott Gimple, let fans know that Andrew Lincoln was as equally eager!

Gimple told’s Brandon Davis, during an interview, that, “I got to tell you, he’s itching to get back, too,” said Gimple. “We all are.”

This past week, The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, let fans know that the pandemic has slowed production but may be helping the overall product of the Rick Grimes Movie. The delay has allowed for fine-tuning of the film.

Gimple supported these sentiments, saying, “So much of what we’ve been doing is honing and tweaking and experimenting, and we’re just in the lab with it,” Gimple told “And we’ve been playing around a lot. We were doing that before and now it’s forced upon us. We don’t know when we would be doing it if everything was finished right now, we just don’t know, but we’re still in the lab. We’re still goofing around with it. We’re still playing around with it.”

From the SDCC at Home panels, we also learned that The Walking Dead will return for its Season 10 finale on October 4 at 9 p.m. Eastern.  Along with this news, it was disclosed that there would be six additional episodes filmed for Season 10 of the show.  Think of them as bonus episodes, as time for filming has been reduced due to the pandemic. We won’t see Season 11 of The Walking Dead until late 2021, most likely in its normal October start.

What do you think of all of this Walking Dead news? Let us know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Movie: Andrew Lincoln Ready To Return!

  1. Glad to finally got a date on the Season 10 finale. Hate to have to wait that long for it, but with the six additional episodes, at least it will feel like I’m getting a seasons worth ( just like the length of season one). Than another year for season 11. Just wish there was a date for the Rick Grimes movies. When does FTWD return and what about the premiere of World Beyond?

  2. There are still MANY of us out there who LOVE TWD and are dying to see Andy back!

  3. I love the walking dead it is the best show ever. I never miss a episode n i watch it over n over.

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