Check out the Incredible Infinity Gauntlet Collectible from Hasbro

There are less than three months until the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War and fans couldn't be more excited. With the incredible success of Black Panther already, the MCU is sitting at the top spot in pop culture right now, and there's nowhere to go but up. While Marvel keeps their secrets about films, we have been privy to some information on new merch, toys, and collectibles for fans of Infinity War. One piece stands out as a must-have and also the kind of thing you'll probably scowl at once...

This new ‘Black Panther’ Helmet is a Must Have for Marvel Collectors

If you are gearing up for Marvel's latest hit, you're about to be delighted. Hasbro just announced the release of a high quality helmet that will certainly bring out the Black Panther within you. How awesome does this look? Hasbro Hasbro Hasbro Hasbro Not only does it look exactly like Black Panther's real helmet, it is full-scale adjustable and electronic, complete with blue lumination effects just like in the film. It even has flip-up eye lenses. The Marvel legends Series Black Panther Helmet will be available in Fall 2018, and...
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