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Hulk Out with Hasbro’s new Hulk Buster

There’s good news today for fans of Avengers: Infinity War, and with how emotional the film was; we’ll take all that we can get.

While merch for the film has been available for some time now, new releases are still being marketed and you just can’t have enough Infinity War merch.

Hasbro announced today that a new Hulkbuster figure was being released and while it’s geared towards kids, we’re still ordering one for ourselves.

Hulk Out with Hasbro’s new Hulk Buster
Hasbro toys

A press release for the action figure reads as follows.

Smash into action and HULK OUT with HULK OUT HULKBUSTER figure! Kids can bulk up their 12-inch HULK figure by assembling armor pieces to transform him into a 13.5-inch HULKBUSTER. Bust HULK out the HULKBUSTER armor by pressing the buttons on the back of the figure and sending the armor pieces flying. Features movie-inspired HULK and HULKBUSTER phrases, smashing fist action, light-up eyes and battle sound effects. Includes armor and figure. Requires 2 AA batteries, included. Available at most major retailers and on

Priced at 59.99 the figure is a steal for kids and parents alike. Plus it comes with 20 + sounds, phrases, and lights.

You can see Bruce Banner, the Hulkbuster, and (sort of) the Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War, now.