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Pull List- Mister Miracle, Deadpool vs Cap, & Immortal Hulk

Published on March 14th, 2018 | Updated on March 14th, 2018 | By FanFest

Geeklings, Happy New Comic Book Day to you all! How’s everyone doing? East Coasters, did you survive the snow? Non-East Coasters, did you survive whatever weather you were having? I hope all of you are well and getting ready for the back half of this week. It appears that maybe, just maybe, we could be getting an Avengers Infinity War trailer at any moment. The Russo Brothers just took to Twitter to hype up the fanbase, or troll them depending on your point of view, with this ambiguous Tweet translated from Japenese.

What does it mean? When are you giving it? Tonight? Tomorrow? If you look closely at the creature’s eyes it certainly looks like nine o’clock, doesn’t it? Am I reading too deeply into this? Most likely but I am dying over here. I need more Infinity War stat. Good thing I have new comics to distract me until this trailer drops, which could be at any time! Here, let me distract you guys too.

1. Mister Miracle #7- After a short break, that felt like forever, Tom King and Mitch Gerads’s Mister Miracle is back on shelves and for that, we say thank you big big. I’m not going to be shy about it, Mister Miracle could very well be the best book out there right now. Both King and Gerads are doing a superhero story that feels incredibly personal, epic, and philosophical. Last issue ended with quite the cliffhanger, with the arrival of a certain character who “is”, and Scott’s world has kind of been flipped around… again. Not to mention Big Bard’s little secret… these last six issues look to hold quite the emotional impact and I for one will be here in the front row every month.

2. The Despicable Deadpool #296- Remember way back in Secret Empire where Deadpool kind of got to work hand in hand with Captain America. It was a moment that kind of meant everything to Wade. Like most people in the Marvel Universe, Deadpool idolized Steve Rogers and by the end of the event, things didn’t really go the way he expected. Now… well now Deadpool is looking to dish out some payback. Time for a good old fashion superhero showdown.

3. Avengers #684- It appears that Bruce Banner is back from the dead. You had to know that Hawkeye’s arrow couldn’t keep him dead forever. That would be lame. The Marvel Universe will always need a Hulk, and they’re in luck. This Hulk… he’s immortal. You read that right. Kind of terrifying, eh? Avengers #684 looks to explain how Banner came back from the dead and why the Hulk can now live forever.

4. Infidel #1– I seriously have no idea what this book is about. I read the first couple of pages and it looks terrifying. Hell, the cover looks terrifying. From what I’ve been able to gather this is a haunted house story and I’m already afraid to read it at night. Gives me the heebie-jeebies, but a good horror comic is hard to find which means I’ll be venturing into the world of Infidel. During the day. When the sun is at it’s highest.

5. Marvel 2 In One #3- Just where is the Richards family? They’ve been missing from the Marvel Universe ever since the events of Secret Wars. Chip Zdarsky has put The Thing and the Human Torch on the case as Marvel looks to finally bring their first family back together. This book has been outstanding, and for those of you who haven’t read Zdarsky before, you need to change that. There’s a lot of heart in these pages as Ben and Johnny search for meaning and their family. It’s time to bring back the Fantastic Four, and Marvel 2 In One seems like the first step to making that happen. Plus, this issue has Spider-Man.

Honorable Mentions- Darth Vader #13 & All-New Wolverine 32

There you have it Geeklings, all the best books for you to be reading this week. I know it’s a bit Marvel heavy this week but it feels like they’re really bringing it. I now turn this over to you Geeklings. What’s everyone reading? What do you feel I left off the list? Sound off in the comments below. If you’d like to talk more comics with me then you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for that Infinity War trailer and happy reading! Many huzzahs!


Images from Marve, DC, and Image Comics and the Russo Brothers Twitter account.


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