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‘The Walking Dead’: Watch the First Teaser for the Untitled Rick Grimes Film

When news first broke that Andrew Lincoln was leaving The Walking Dead, naturally, the fandom was heart-broken. That heartbreak softened ever so slightly when news that a series of films focusing on Rick Grimes was in the works. After Friday’s presentation at San Diego Comic-Con, fans are pumped!

Shortly after the show’s Hall H panel, the very first teaser dropped for the upcoming untitled Rick Grimes film. The teaser doesn’t reveal much, but it’s enough to sent chills through your body just from pure excitement. It starts with the whirring sounds of a helicopter. The aircraft appears out of the darkness and is flying towards a city skyline lit by either the rising or setting sun. The helicopter disappears and the words “The Walking Dead” appear with a familiar symbol embedded within the wording. The video does a dramatic fade to black before the words “Rick Grimes Returns” appears. Cue the chills!

Check out the teaser below.

An anticipated premiere date has not yet been revealed. However, the upcoming film will only be released in theaters. The film will be distributed by Universal.

Andrew Lincoln left The Walking Dead series in the show’s 9th season. He recently had plans to return to the series and direct an episode for the 10th season. It was also revealed today that due to scheduling conflicts, his directorial debut wouldn’t be happening this season.

What do you think about the first teaser for the upcoming Rick Grimes movie? Are you excited to see how the show will tie into the film? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below.

7 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead’: Watch the First Teaser for the Untitled Rick Grimes Film

  1. We were told repeatedly, that the movies would be shown on the AMC Cable channel, so that All the fans of “The Walking Dead” could see the movie (Freely -as long as they have cable). Now it is showing that the movies (at least the first one) will be available in THEATERS only. What are they thinking??!? Is Scott Gimple, being allowed to make these decisions? He almost destroyed the series more then once (the Glenn under the dumpster “fakeout”, the extreme violence and making the fans wait until the start of season 7 to see the awful murders of Abraham and Glenn! And worst of all, the idiotic decision to kill off Carl Grimes (the tied “for 1st place” –“Rick Grime’s/ :Carl Grimes”–most important character of the entire show) which made him lose any and all credibility he may have had left! And now somehow, someone, ( I still say, Gimple, had a part in this!) thought that it would be a good idea to try and get people to actually pay money at overpriced movie theaters, when they have always been able to watch “The Walking Dead”, for FREE in the comfort of their own homes, for almost a decade! Who ever thought up the idea and whoever else agreed with and is pushing this idea, all I can say is, shame on you (all of you) for taking a fantastic idea (3 movies, to.wrap-up Rick Grimes”, story) and ruin it and halving those that will now be going to see it, due to what can only be attributed to, Greed and listening to terrible advice! You still have time to save it and bring back your willing viewership, (not to forget those who will be willing to pay major revenue to buy ad space– commercials–!) I have been a faithful viewer since day one 0ct.31, 2010 until the present. How much longer I and my family will continue to do so, depends on how much effort and faithfulness they are willing to put into the scripts and into keeping the characters true to their proven personalities and how true to the arcs they have set- up for them, they stay. And of course, most of all, how much loyalty they show to the fans, by keeping it available to watch on cable tv, for free!!

  2. Oh wow!? Well…I hope it does well in the cinemas. That’s all I can think to say on that note.

  3. What is the big deal. Honestly they did not say it would be on AMC tv. They said that it would be a full feature length film aka theater movie made FOR and BY AMC. On top of that, though I watch on AMC… many fans look for more and more actually free streaming options. It will be available to view st home soon enough. Go to the theater. My family will.. it’s fun. They did that with one episode a couple of years ago. This isn’t something to get mad about!

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