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‘Houston Deadpool’ Lends a Hand to Help Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

For nearly a week now, Houston, Texas and its surrounding towns and cities have been bearing the brunt of Hurricane Harvey’s ferocious forces.  The massive storm has brought about record flooding and devastation which has prompted support, donations and outreach from people all around the world.

Many celebrities have been pledging donations and organizing fundraising campaigns in an effort to help, however, one real life local superhero is helping from the front lines of the devastation.

He is known as Houston Deadpool and he is doing whatever he can to help his community.  In a now viral clip from local news station KHOU, Houston Deadpool gives an interview about his efforts to help those in need and who have been impacted by the storm.  Check it out below:


The man behind the mask is Evo Deadpool Gambino, a Specialist in the United States Army whose middle name is apparently legitimately changed to be Deadpool.  Originally from Louisiana, he now resides in Houston where he can be seen on any given day riding his motorcycle dressed in full on Deadpool uniform.

So, why dress like Deadpool and help out in Houston?  In an interview from 2016, Gambino told ABC 13, he does it for the extra smiles:

“It’s just — take a break from reality and see something that you normally would only see in the big screen.  You can actually look out your vehicle window and see it right next to you. It makes them happy, which makes me happy.”

Houston Deadpool is certainly making many displaced hurricane victims smile with his selfless display of “maximum effort” to help those in need during this difficult time.  Great job Evo (Aka. Houston Deadpool)!  Keep up the great work!


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