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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “Summer Sausage, A Pocket Poncho, And Tony Danza”

Sheldon invited Dr. Sturgis to dinner. He didn’t tell anyone so Meemaw was caught off guard. Dr. Sturgis and Sheldon are very much alike and dominate the conversation. George is a little put off because Sheldon seems to look up to Dr. Sturgis as a male role model instead of himself. Mary reminds him that he has two other kids who look up to him.

'Young Sheldon' Recap "Summer Sausage, A Pocket Poncho, And Tony Danza"

Sheldon is invested in Meemaw’s relationship with Dr. Sturgis, so much so that he is “underfoot.” Meemaw tells him to back off so she and Dr. Sturgis can have some alone time. Dr. Sturgis makes a Szechuan dinner and Meemaw hints that she wants him to spend the night. He doesn’t get the hint right away. Sheldon spies on them from his living room window while Mary and Georgie have dinner in the kitchen.

'Young Sheldon' Recap "Summer Sausage, A Pocket Poncho, And Tony Danza"

Missy wants to dress up and go to Red Lobster. Missy wears her finest princess dress and tiara. Missy gets the lobster and it freaks her out. George helps her open it. They are so cute.

This episode was cute. Missy and Georgie continue to make me laugh. We are getting to see Sheldon’s awkwardness blossom and with a role model like Dr. Sturgis, I can see how it doesn’t get any better. I love how we are getting to see how Sheldon evolves into the Sheldon he is in Big Bang. Next week is the finale and I bet it’s going to be a good one