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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “Spock, Kirk, And Testicular Hernia”

Sheldon is watching Star Trek: The Return of the Archons and he is explaining to Meemaw that he identifies more with Spock (what else is new). Meemaw sees herself as more of the Kirk type.

His dad asks him to tutor Georgie in math. If Georgie doesn’t pass, he can’t play football. Sheldon agrees if he’ll take him to the train store and buys him whatever he wants providing it is less than $20.

“$20 isn’t going to do it”- Sheldon

Georgie is struggling. He’s having issues visualizing the math concepts. This leads Sheldon to think he isn’t cut out to be a teacher. To keep going, his dad ups the cost to $40.

The test comes and Georgie gets a B!

Don’t congratulate him just yet, Tam says he only passed because he cheated. He wrote the answers on the bottom of his shoes.

'Young Sheldon' Recap "Spock, Kirk, And Testicular Hernia"

Sheldon sneaks into Georgie’s room to investigate and finds out that Georgie did cheat. When confronted, Georgie wipes away the evidence.

Sheldon confides in Meemaw that Georgie cheated and he feels guilty. They determine that Georgie is also more like Kirk because, if you recall, Kirk cheated on the Kobayashi Maru. Both Kirk and Georgie play “fast and loose with the rules.”

Sheldon asks Georgie how he managed to cheat. Georgie teaches Sheldon how to lie and using that information, Sheldon lies to get out of gym class. He writes a note saying he has a testicular hernia.

To embrace his inner Kirk, Sheldon takes library books out of the library without checking them out and dupes Missy into giving up her TV time by saying he found money in the backyard.

'Young Sheldon' Recap "Spock, Kirk, And Testicular Hernia"

His parents find out and he’s busted. He has to apologize and make amends for what he has done.


This episode is probably my favorite so far. We got to see Sheldon being himself while also learning something new. The uptight, goody two shoes Sheldon is now experimenting with the dark side. It was great seeing him cut loose a little bit and act more like Kirk.


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