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‘Young Sheldon’ Recap “Cape Canaveral, Schrodinger’s Cat, And Cindy Lauper’s Hair”


George wants to take Georgie fishing this weekend. Mary wants him to take Sheldon too. She says that he needs to spend more father-son time with Sheldon.

They agree to take a trip to  Cape Canaveral to see the shuttle launch.  Mary is worried that George won’t be able to take care of Sheldon and obey his strick bathroom schedule.

The three of them embark on the 12-hour trip. Sheldon packed for a month long trip and Georgie packed a toothbrush and a change of underwear. Truly a boy’s weekend.

Missy has to stay behind for a girl’s weekend. They go to the salon for some pampering. Missy wants Cindy Lauper hair but her mother won’t let her. Nonetheless, they have a great time.


On the way to Florida, Sheldon and his dad talk while Georgie listens to music. Sheldon explains Schrodinger’s cat to them while they play a car game that involves roadkill.

They make it to the motel. Sheldon shares the bed with his dad because Georgie keeps kicking him.

It begins to storm and Sheldon is worried that the launch won’t happen. To cheer him up, his dad asks him to explain how lightning works.


They didn’t get to see the launch, but Sheldon still had a great time with his dad and brother.


This episode was cute. It’s great to see how awesome of a dad George was. In BBT, the only thing we know about Sheldon’s day was that he was an alcoholic who fought with his mom and that he died when Sheldon was young. I kind of expected that going into this spin-off. I’m happy to see that they really are a great little family.


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