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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: “Forever Mine Nevermind”

The investigation into the Widows continues this week on Wynonna Earp that featured porcelain nightmare fuel and a shocking reveal. However, as the inquiry goes on, so does life which means questions about what’s next for Waverly and Nicole and what will happen now that Wynonna knows the third seal lies in Doc’s ring. Let’s unpack the hour, shall we?

Wynonna invites Doc over for dinner, and the actual courses go about well as you would expect with what we know about Wynonna. The reveal of each course was hilarious and allowed for a bit of that levity and awkwardness that you could see throughout the scene. That levity is over, though, once talk turns from the baby and the rattle to Doc’s ring and the third seal. With Wynonna sharing what she learned about the seal, the curse, and Constance with Doc, things get even tenser as he tells her that he’s unwilling to give up the ring and his ability to remain immortal. It doesn’t take long to discover that the new gifts Doc offered Wynonna, the painting he found and that very creepy doll may have been the source of the heightened tension. Though after a season and a half with these two characters, we know that only a portion of their actions can be blamed on the strange and eerie objects.

Their conversation throughout the episode did serve as some forward movement when it came to the third seal and led to a sweet moment in the end as Doc gives up his ring willingly.

While Doc and Wynonna are dealing with the ring and the baby and the doll, Waverly is still dealing with Nicole hiding the DNA results as well as the results themselves, meaning barely restrained passive-aggressive comments for the first half of the hour. It’s only after Rosita offers her a chance to get away with a trip to the spa, courtesy of Dolls and that gift certificate, that we see Waverly change up her approach to the situation.

It’s been nice seeing Rosita work into the team’s dynamic and seeing her friendship develop with Waverly has been great to see. We get to see more of that develop during their spa day, barring Waverly’s impulsive act of kissing her and subsequently feeling terrible about it. Their spa day gets cut short though, as Waverly comes up against Tucker again (despite their belief that he was the charred body they found at the beginning of the day), who was looming over a seemingly dead Rosita. Of course, it’s Wynonna Earp, so it’s not just that she’s dead. Nope, Rosita’s actually a revenant!

Meanwhile, Dolls and Jeremy find a lead in their search for the Widows that leads them back to one of the Widows and Mercedes’ sister, Beth. Thanks to Jeremy’s attempt to save Dolls (and subsequent failure to keep himself from getting hit), Beth gets away. Beth disappearing leads to her seemingly finding out where the third seal is…but ending up at Nicole’s place? Is this part of her plan or does she think she will actually be in possession of the third seal?

What did you think of the episode? Was anyone else shocked about the Rosita reveal?