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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: “Whiskey Lullaby”

Published on July 16th, 2017 | Updated on July 16th, 2017 | By FanFest

With the goo gone, this week’s Wynonna Earp gives us more on the new evil to contend with in Purgatory. A threat that sends the town into a comatose state leaves the team on a race to find the source, come up against this new threat, all while everyone begins to find out what’s going on with Wynonna.

We quickly find out what happened to Black Badge as the hour opens on Dolls and Doc meet with Moody. They find out that the office and their presence in the Ghost River Triangle is gone because they’ve decided to stop investigating. With the knowledge that the investigation is over and all presence of the agency that has caused them issues for a while has disappeared, Doc and Dolls find out that the agency wasn’t what they thought they were as Moody hands over information about exactly what Black Badge is up to. The question is, how long before we find out that information?

Wynonna’s dealing with her pregnancy by not dealing with her pregnancy and focusing on the new evil that’s come upon the town because it’s just not a week in Purgatory without some demon causing havoc. This week’s demons causing havoc were the black veil-wearing entities, which Wynonna and the team took to calling the Widows. With the curse in place for most of the hour, we find out more about Mercedes’ creepy brother after he takes the Sandman’s daughter and makes a creepy request of Poppy…to brush her hair like Waverly. That doesn’t last long, thankfully for Poppy, as Nicole comes in and with some help from Poppy, they get her away from him, just in time to have him jump through the window.

On the more character-focused side of this week’s hour, Wynonna doesn’t get the whole hour to not deal with it though as slowly one by one the people closest to her start finding out courtesy of the Sandman placing the sleeping spell on the town. Each have their own moment when they figure out what happened and they range from understanding her reluctance to go out there and announce when Nicole finds out to not so surprised when Jeremy finds out at the end of the hour. There were a pair of reactions of note that made me curious about where it goes from here as Dolls and Doc find out about Wynonna being pregnant. Dolls’ shock eventually wears off, but his idea to kind of keep her out of the mess is a hard no for Wynonna. Doc is the last one to technically find out and his reaction to Wynonna telling him the news is that of complete shock. By the end of the hour, both have made certain statements that kind of shifts their dynamic a bit, with Dolls drawing the line between them as he calls her an “amazing agent” and Doc handing Waverly to give to Wynonna with the words “I am all in.”

Seeing Wynonna’s reaction to her pregnancy from reluctance to shock to that heartbreaking vulnerability in the final scene with Waverly at the end was great to see, not to mention her unwillingness to just stay on the sidelines while there are demons to be hunted and sent back.

Back on the supernatural side of things, we find out that the widows tie back to what Bobo was doing and trying to find the second seal. However, things get complicated as they soon find Clootie’s back and will probably be interfering.

That’s it for this week’s episode! What did you think? Who else is interested to see how everything will play out from now on?



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