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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: “Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers”

Published on July 8th, 2017 | Updated on July 8th, 2017 | By FanFest

This week’s Wynonna Earp brought the shiny goo to the forefront (and gets a name) as we get more clarity on what exactly the goo is and who knows about it. A competing demon hunting group in town also appears in a nerve-wracking hour with a final scene that may be taking the story in an unexpected direction.

Wynonna has been taken over by the shiny goo, and it becomes a race to see who will be able to get to her before the goo could cause any major damage. The goo makes for one very mean being if Waverly’s behavior over the last few episodes and Wynonna’s behavior is any indication. Luckily for a tied-up Waverly, Dolls is back in action and finds her on the homestead. Though he is initially skeptical about whether he is talking to the real Waverly or the goo, he believes her. Just as he is about to get Waverly out, Lucado barges in, finding her way back into Black Badge with Dolls. Of course, he doesn’t go down without a fight, and ultimately Waverly interrupts their knock down drag out fight so they can help her get to Wynonna.

While Dolls gets read in by Waverly about what exactly they are up against and what has taken over Wynonna’s body, Doc takes a bit more time before finally figuring out that something’s not right. Entertainingly, Doc brings her into the police station to see if they can get help from Black Badge and a somewhat reluctant Lucado. Of course, things with Black Badge is about as muddled as it’s always been and Lucado sends Doc and Waverly out to find goo…that she knows they won’t find. It turns out that Lucado and Dolls have seen the demon before in their time at the agency and it has a name, Mikshun.

With the pair away, Dolls and Lucado go directly to the source, Wynonna, to find out how they can get rid of it. Things take a turn, however, when Lucado in an odd moment reveals to Dolls that she’s tired of being alone and decides to let the goo infect. However, she’s not strong enough to keep the Mikshun within and meets one of the more gross moments of the hour (you know, besides that beheading and amputation) as her head blows up. That’s the scene that meets Doc and Waverly when they return, giving us a morbidly comedic moment when they see Dolls in the clean-up gear.

Waverly eventually ends up with the Mikshun once again leaving Wynonna free to take the peacemaker and a way to end the demon once and for all. The hour culminates in a face-off between Wynonna and Waverly after they encounter a group in town, ominously named The Order, that was also after the Mikshun. We saw hints of The Order throughout the hour, from the beheading in the opening scene to Doc and Wynonna’s moment looking into the fire station during their investigation into the dish they retrieved. Will this tenuous dynamic develop further between Team Earp and The Order now that they know about each other?

However, since this is Wynonna Earp, the hour doesn’t stop with the surprises there. With the Mikshun essentially sent back to where it came from courtesy of the Peacemaker, the attention turns to a pair of extremely surprising new developments. The first is news about Black Badge…in that it no longer exists. However, where did it go? How did it disappear and does it have to do with Moody?

The biggest surprise of them all is the news Waverly delivers to her sister after the Mikshun told her that there wasn’t much space in Wynonna for everyone. The final shot of the episode clarifies that comment as it pans to a pregnancy test in Wynonna’s hand with the word “yes” displayed. What happens now?

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