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‘Wynonna Earp’ Recap: “No Future In The Past”

Published on July 30th, 2017 | Updated on July 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

This week’s Wynonna Earp offered a look into the Widows, Bobo, paternity and offered a surprising return in the final moments of the hour.

Wynonna is still grappling with her pregnancy and what it means to have a child at the top of the hour as she heads in for a sonogram. Wynonna deals in the only way she usually deals with things: with very dry humor and sarcasm. Though her doctor does not really get the humor and sarcasm, she does strike a nerve after talk of adoption and options for the baby was brought up. That turn in the conversation was enough for Wynonna to abruptly end the appointment and just walk out of the clinic, which turned out to prove a little dangerous for her.

Juan Carlo kidnaps Wynonna under the guise of offering insight into the Widows they have been chasing. The help, which leads to a church and a pentagram, transports Wynonna back in time. The worst part of it is that no one can see her or listen to her. However, the blast to the past offers background on much of what we’ve seen leading up to this point, from Constance Clootie and her husband, Bobo’s part in the whole situation, and even a glimpse at Doc back then.

The most interesting part of it all was seeing that Bobo was not always working against the Earps, but was actually a friend of Wyatt’s. His entanglement with Constance Clootie goes as far back as taking the Widows down the first time and putting Doc in the well, and that’s how we ended up with the Bobo we got in season one, adding depth to his character. Wynonna’s vision quest of sorts also made it clear that while Constance was terrible, it was her husband that should be the team’s main concern. From that moment in the church with the Widows, Juan Carlo, Constance, and Bobo, it seems like a concern for anyone that may have crossed his path. That’s where the seals the Widows were looking for come in. Three seals keep Clootie trapped and everyone safe. However, with two of the three seals broken thanks to the pair, the third seal needs to be protected. Where does that final seal happen to be housed? In the ring Constance gave Doc that makes him immortal.

Meanwhile, in the present, Waverly is still dealing with her doubts about being an Earp and comes to the forefront a bit more after her conversation with Wynonna in last week’s episode. Most of the hour for her was spent eagerly/fearfully awaiting the results of the DNA results.

On the somewhat lighter side of the hour, Rosita attempts to extend an olive branch of sorts by offering to throw Wynonna a surprise baby shower with Waverly and Nicole. The pair hesitantly accepted the offer, and the party prep provided some funny and lighter moments in the episode.

The lightness quickly ends the moment Waverly finds the DNA results in Nicole’s bag, reminding her that the envelope holds the truth about where she comes from. The final moments of the episode show Waverly back at the iced-over lake that she was saved from as a child. It’s at that moment that she seemingly remembers that it wasn’t Wynonna that saved her but Bobo, which ties back to his final moments with Wynonna in the past as she saved him.

All of the Bobo backstory and memories is the perfect lead up to the final moment as we see someone pop up from the snow…Bobo!

That’s it for the hour! What did you think of the episode? Were there any moments that stood out?




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