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Who is Sasha Really Saying Goodbye to in Next Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Sneak Peak?

In next week’s sneak peak of The Walking Dead, Sasha is seen in an intense conversation with Enid, but is she really saying goodbye? And if so, to who? My question is, does this mean that she will be leaving the show? Well, we all know as fans that trying to figure out what is in the minds of Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman is never easy and with Sonequa Martin Green being cast in Star Trek: Discovery, Christian’s recent announcement of her pregnancy, all we can do is speculate.

We know that from the end of episode 7.12, Rosita goes to the Hilltop seeking Sasha’s help to kill Negan. Sasha doesn’t need very much coaxing and agrees on one condition, that she gets to be the one to take the shot. Handing Sasha a rifle, Rosita tells her that she has memorized what Carl and Daryl has told them regarding the inside of The Sanctuary and Sasha responds that Jesus drew her a map of the exterior. They both agree that this will be a one-way ticket to a suicide mission so-to-speak.

Now, getting back to the sneak peak. Sasha is pleading with Enid to protect Maggie at all costs. That she and Enid will be the future of the Hilltop. She hands Enid a thread braided bracelet meant for Maggie’s little one and tells her that maybe she can work in it while she is away. Enid agrees and tells Sasha that she has 10 minutes before telling Maggie what is going on and walks out.


So, the obvious guess would be that both Sasha and Rosita will somehow meet their demise either in gun battle or by the hands of Negan and Lucille because they are leaving and focusing on other projects or personal aspects in their lives. I, for one, would hate to see either of them go. I think that The Survivors need them. Although, I am not really liking the whole ‘every time someone dies I have to hate the world and everyone in it’ thing. Sasha went through it when she lost Bob and Tyreese and Maggie helped pull her out of it. Now Rosita is going through it, but who knows if anyone can knock some sense into her. Father Gabriel has tried but to no avail. I mean, I loved Abraham and all but I thought he could have let Rosita go in a more gentle way.

Whether they will continue with the show or leave, we are just a few episodes away from the season 7 finale so I can’t wait to find out. What are your predictions for Sasha and Rosita? Do you want them to come out alive? If you had to choose between either character, which would you choose to loose?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm EST/PST on AMC.

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