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Universal To Celebrate ‘The Mummy Day’ With Tom Cruise & 75-Foot Sarcophagus

It’s official!  Sunday, May 20th will officially be named “The Mummy Day” by Universal Pictures in celebration of the upcoming June 9th release of the new remake of the film.  At noon, A 75-foot, 7 ton sarcophagus will be unveiled as Tom Cruise takes the stage with co-stars Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella and Jake Johnson as well as with director Alex Kurtzman.  The unveiling will take place at Hollywood & Highland.

The sarcophagus will be the largest vertical structure ever to be assembled at the gateway.  The assembly efforts took two firms a total of eight weeks and over 160 hours to install.  Prior to assembly, components of the massive structure were transported using 18 wide-load tractor trailers. We can not wait to see this thing after the unveiling!

Film director Kurtzman said in a statement:

The Mummy has been such a labor of love for the hundreds of cast and crew who have worked for the past few years preparing its big-screen launch.  When we built Princess Ahmanet’s sarcophagus for production, we had no idea that a 15,000-pound replica of her ‘eternal’ resting place would one day find its home at the intersection of Hollywood & Highland.  I can’t wait to celebrate her story with the fans on May 20.”

In addition to the super-sized sarcophagus, the The Mummy VR Zero Gravity Stunt Experience and The Mummy Escape Game will also be present at the venue.  The VR Zero Gravity Stunt Experience takes the players into Zero G action sounds, as seen in the film The Mummy, led by Cruise and Wallis.  The Mummy Escape Game is 10-player immersive experience which involves solving puzzles to save mankind from the ancient awakened princess.  

Seriously, how awesome does this all sound?  We can’t wait to see what surprises arise on “The Mummy Day”!  The Mummy film opens on June 9th.  Check out the trailers below.  Are you excited?



Source: Deadline

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