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WATCH: ‘The Mummy’ Final Trailer Shows Tom Cruise Battling with “The Ultimate Evil”

Published on May 18th, 2017 | Updated on May 18th, 2017 | By FanFest

“It takes a monster to defeat a monster.”

These ominous words are spoken by Dr. Henry Jekyll (played by Russel Crowe) in the final trailer for Universal Pictures’ adventure reboot film The Mummy.  The new trailer dropped on Thursday and it is jam-packed full of action, battles and even has a little bit of side humor reminiscent of the 1999 Brendan Fraser film.

The trailer shows Nick Morton (played by Tom Cruise) pretty much going head to head with “the ultimate evil” in “a new world of gods and monsters.”  Morton becomes cursed by the reanimated Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), an ancient mummified princess who has begun destroying all civilization after being awakened from her tomb.

The concept is familiar but, the action scenes give us hope that this film can stand all on its own.  There are few actors in Hollywood who throw themselves into a role and into stunts they way that Tom Cruise does.  His commitment to selling the action of this film is apparent, even in the brief 2 minute spot.

The official description from the Universal Pictures YouTube page reads:

Tom Cruise headlines a spectacular, all-new cinematic version of the legend that has fascinated cultures all over the world since the dawn of civilization: The Mummy. Thought safely entombed in a tomb deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient princess (Sofia Boutella of Kingsman: The Secret Service and Star Trek Beyond) whose destiny was unjustly taken from her is awakened in our current day, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia and terrors that defy human comprehension.


From the sweeping sands of the Middle East through hidden labyrinths under modern-day London, The Mummy brings a surprising intensity and balance of wonder and thrills in an imaginative new take that ushers in a new world of gods and monsters.

Cruise, Crowe and Boutella are joined by Annabelle Wallis  (Peaky Blinders), Jake Johnson (Jurassic World, New Girl) and Courtney B. Vance (American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson).  With director Alex Kurtzman at the helm, The Mummy promises to be one of the most exciting and horrifying movies of the summer!  Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think?

The Mummy opens in theaters, nationwide, on June 9th.

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