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The World’s First ‘The Walking Dead’-Themed Roller Coaster Coming Soon to the U.K.

Those who ride… survive!

The world’s first roller coaster based on the AMC megahit series The Walking Dead is about to take over Thorpe Park in the U.K.  The park announced the addition of its newest thrill ride on Tuesday.

Those who are brave enough to ride will be taken on a high-speed journey of survival featuring some iconic scenes from the show itself such as the Alexandria Safe-Zone and the prison watchtower.

The experience starts while waiting in line for the main event.  Blood-soaked walkers will roam the queue area immersing those waiting for the ride into The Walking Dead world right off the bat.  Once on the coaster, riders will not only experience the normal thrills and chills of a regular theme park ride but, Thorpe Park is taking it to a whole other level.  The new The Walking Dead ride is boasting a multi-sensory experiencing including elements of sight, sounds, touch and yes, even smell!  Creative Director John Burton told  The Independent, “We have incorporated the latest in special effects, lighting, smells, and even touch elements to create a terrifyingly unique atmosphere.”

Burton continues by saying, “It’s 15 out of 10 on the scare scale.  We are combining physical and digital effects because it is going to be dark, so we are going to make the most of that. The darkness acted as a canvas for us.”

Thorpe Park’s official website describes the ride as follows:

“THORPE PARK Resort is overrun by Walkers and there is but one goal: survive. Making it to the sanctuary of the Safe Zone is vital for salvation. Located at the centre of the Island, navigate your way to the safety of the indoor bunker – but be warned. All signs point to an imminent invasion of Walkers, so keep your head down and move quickly for your best chance of staying alive.

We will see you at the Safe Zone…For the first time ever, experience The Walking Dead: The Ride. Those who ride…survive!”

The coaster, which opens this Easter, is the first of The Walking Dead rides opening during the park’s Year of The Walking Dead campaign.  Other experiences opening throughout the year include Living Nightmare, Apocalypse Weekends and Zombie Hunt.

What do you think about this The Walking Dead-themed roller coaster?  Are you brave enough to ride?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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