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‘The Walking Dead’ Why Maggie isn’t Having a Zombie Baby

Ever since Maggie’s collapse in episode 15, East, the internet has been riddled with theories that she miscarried and a zombie fetus will eat it’s way out of her.

While that would be kind of cool to see (not to Maggie!), science has debunked this idea.

Back in episode 13, The Same Boat, Maggie revealed that she is only around two months along. According to National Institute for Health,
a two month old fetus is very small, kind of like a blueberry. At this stage, the fetus has webbed fingers and toes and facial details are just starting to form. The baby doesn’t even have teeth or fingernails and the brain is beginning to develop.

So basically if the fetus dies at this stage, it isn’t something that would have the ability to tear her apart from the inside out.

So what could be wrong with Maggie?

4 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead’ Why Maggie isn’t Having a Zombie Baby

  1. Scientifically
    speaking, something like this
    could take place. A
    dying fetus can indeed affect the mother…they are
    basically sharing biological

    resources. So if the fetus is dying inside of her (assuming that something
    is in
    the air is causing the
    dead to walk Maggie is breathing that air into her body)
    it can also cause
    Maggie’s death and her to become
    a walker. This probably
    isn’t the direction the show is going but it is
    indeed plausible. Besides,
    telling should not be limited to what’s scientific. Otherwise, the
    Dead show itself would not exist.
    Skilled writers can make anything
    believable…I stress, skilled writers.

  2. Also, it’s very possible that
    they sped up the pregnancy for

    the sake of TV. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen a pregnancy on a
    last for a handful of
    Also, this is a show about reanimated corpses
    taking over the
    world. Do we really want to use
    science to debunk one of these

  3. What’s happening to her?
    Seriously? She’s having a

    miscarriage, probably has sepsis because of it and dying if she doesn’t get

    medical help. Just like what
    happens to miscarrying women in Catholic

  4. I think that
    shower scene with Maggie and
    Glenn had a purpose and it was
    to show the bruising
    around the area of her kidneys. I wouldn’t doubt if
    that Savior guy didn’t
    and tear an internal organ like her spleen or kidney.

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