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The Walking Dead: Ricks Return? New Behind-The-Scenes Photo of Michonne & Rick?

The Walking Dead started as a story of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) find his family.  Over the seasons, Rick protected Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies).  That family shifted and changed, adding Judith Grimes, losing Lori, and adding Michonne (Danai Gurira).  Although Michonne may have departed Season 10 on screen, we just got a new image that teases Rick Grimes.  Are we in for a a treat in the Season Finale of The Walking Dead?

This week, The Walking Dead’s director of photography, Duane Charles Manwiller, shared several images on his Instagram.  One image has Walking Dead fans buzzing with excitement!

In the image, Danai Gurira is rehearsing the scene in the clearing, where we previously saw Negan doing the exact same thing. Lucille is in her hand and Rick is on his knees.

The scene is a recreation from the episode, “What We Become” and placed Michonne in Negan’s group, as his right-hand-woman. But did Andrew Lincoln make an appearance in the episode and film with Gurira?  Did fans totally miss the return of Andrew Lincoln to The Walking Dead in assuming this was old footage?

Yet the biggest question is, why release this image now? Right now as we head into next week’s San Diego Comic Con where we expect the announcement of the Season 10 finale date and where we last got an update on the Rick Grimes films? Are we about to get some new information on the films and about Michonne and Rick reuniting on screen?

We certainly hope so!

Let us know your thoughts on the Season 10 finale of The Walking Dead and what you think about the possible Rick Grimes films in the comments below!


9 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Ricks Return? New Behind-The-Scenes Photo of Michonne & Rick?

  1. That wasn’t Andrew Lincoln and this is old. S10 finale?? Yeah if we ever get to see it.

  2. This is a must! The two of them have to reunite!! And the characters has to be Guiria and Lincoln because no one else can play the res like they do!! #Pleasbringthemback

  3. I have watch the show since the beginning, but killing off major characters and the fighting of other groups are not what I want to see, especially the killing off of Carl, TDog, and others.

  4. Please bring Rick back. He is the heart and soul of TWD. I admire his integrity and what he brings to the screen. I love all the characters in the show, but with Rick gone, there’s something missing.

  5. It was such a disappointment to not see the final episode with the rest of season 10 and such a long time to wait to see just 1 episode that I’ve lost interest now.

  6. I believe the photo is from the episode of her exit. It’s not really him in the photo. Although I wish it was. I believe the show is missing something since he is gone. It’s not the same. It would be great to bring him and her back on the show again together. I really wish the actors would reconsider this.

  7. Wasn’t this a what if memory from one of her last episodes? I don’t remember the exact episode but I remember her having a nightmare like she had never found Rick’s group after she decided against saving Andrea and instead became a part of Negan’s group.

  8. The thing is it’s not their fault that the season finale has been delayed. Nobody could stop it from being delayed and taking this long. We just have to keep in mind that because of COVID so much has been delayed and it’s nobody’s fault but COVID’s

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