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‘The Walking Dead’ Theory: Michonne Finds Rick In Season 10

Published on November 30th, 2019 | Updated on November 30th, 2019 | By FanFest

AMC The Walking Dead aired it’s mid-season finale last weekend and fans were left with a cliffhanger and Michonne (Danai Gurira) headed off to a new location to scout.  This has been publicized as Gurira’s last season on the zombie drama and fans are hoping to figure out clues as to where her character may be headed with most hoping that it’s to locate her husband, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

In Season 9, the show’s main hero, Rick, was last seen flying away on a military helicopter with Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) but not under his own will.  Rick had been injured in a bridge explosion and then washed up to shore.  The helicopter had very distinct markings on it’s side in the shape of three overlapping circles, which we now know represent three other communities.  One of these communities is part of the new third series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

In the Season 10 mid-season finale, Michonne encounters a new character named Virgil (Kevin Carroll) who is attempting to steal a boat from the Oceanside community.  Michonne takes Virgil prisoner. While she is interrogating him, she learns that he has a family and lives on an island that was formerly a military base.  After deliberating, Michonne decides that she will sail back to the island with Virgil to learn more about what the island may have and how it can help her and her fellow survivors.


It is likely, at this point, that Michonne gains access to military equipment, supplies, but also some sort of information that indicates Rick is still alive.  It is possible that Michonne would see a helicopter with similar markings as the one that flew Rick away. However, she is not likely to recognize those markings and make a connection.


It is more likely that she learns about the new communities and some sort of information about either Rick or Jadis.  That this information then takes her back to the mainland where she must go after Rick.  However, is this enough to take her away with an impending Whisperer War on the horizon?  We don’t think it is, as with her friend’s lives in danger, we think she’d have to stay and see the war play out.  But if Rick’s community had the ability to help them, we think she’d definitely then go after him.

The next question is does she taken Judith and R.J. (Rick Junior) along with her to find their father?  Judith (Cailey Fleming) has become a regular character on the show and has received a lot of focus.  The character has also become a bit of a fan favorite, known for her flare and wit.  R.J., on the other hand, has rarely been seen and almost forgotten at times.  Instead of, “Get in the house, Carl,” it’s more of, “Is anyone even watching R.J.?”

Given Judith’s focus on the show and that she has taken on carrying the torch from Carl as keeping the Grimes family alive and part of the focus, it is highly unlikely that Judith goes off with Michonne.  This also means that R.J. also stays behind too.

Off camera, Gurira’s star power is rising with her roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Black Panther and the Avengers films.  Now that Gurira is even more in demand, along with a successful playwright careers, it appears that The Walking Dead has moved beneath her and only the possibility of the Grimes feature films could draw her back to reprise the character.

What do you think about Michonne’s departure? How will it happen and what are you hoping to see?  Let us know in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead’ Theory: Michonne Finds Rick In Season 10

  1. Michonne…please be loyal to us. We have loved you from the first episode. I watch twd because of you, rick, darryl, and glenn’s wife. Please dont leave us. If all of you are gone..I will quit twd.

  2. Don’t leave completely. The show wont be the same without Michonne!! We love you.

  3. Wish her the best in her future endeavors but hope she keeps the door open for future returns and hopefully a reunion with Rick, Judith & RJ as well as their WD family.

  4. I think Michonne will definitely go off to find Rick leaving RJ and Judith behind.
    This will lead into her appearance in the upcoming Rick movies, or at least one of them.
    After that I doubt she will return to TWD much as I would like her to.
    Danai’s portrayal of Michonne has been inspirational and a central part of the TWD. She will be sorely missed and I wish her every success in her future endeavours.

  5. I hope Michonne finds Rick. And their family be reunited. But I’m a huge huge fan of Michonme. I’m really gonna miss her . The show wont be the same anymore once she’s gone. But I wish her all the best!! ❤❤


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