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The Walking Dead Mid-Season Preview, “No Way Out”

Warning: Don’t
Read If You Haven’t Seen The Season 6

There are certain things that
you can
always count on from AMC’s The Walking Dead.
First, there’s
always a major
episode when it’s the season premiere, mid-season finale, mid-
return, and the season finale. Second,
if an episode focuses on a random
secondary character too much, they’re
probably about to die. Third, you
get a “down episode” or “filler” to catch your breath and lower your
pressure. When The
Walking Dead
returns, Sunday, February 14th, viewers
we left at what
appears to be a climactic moment
and instead of closing the mid-
season finale with chaos, fans were left
hanging for months, knowing that
is about ensue. Oh, and then there’s this “Negan” guy!

This week, AMC
released the first
four minutes of Sunday’s episode,
which focuses on Daryl,
Abraham, and Sasha’s encounter with Negan’s
minions. (Click here to watch the first four
minutes of Sunday’s
The Walking Dead) The
selection of this
encounter as the opening scene of the episode is a
reminder of just how bad-off
so many
of our survivors were left at the end of the mid-season finale. The

survivors were left in difficult
positions and none may be more difficult and
dangerous than that of Rick,
Carl, Michonne, Father Gabriel,
Jessie, Ron and

Rick and his group are sporting the always
stylish and terribly
stinky meat-
suits in the middle of a horde of walkers. The episodes title, “No
Out,” may be an indicator of just how
dire a situation they have
encountered. There are moments in The
Walking Dead
where viewers

don’t see the devastation ahead, but in this moment, even the average
knows that things are about
to get really, really bad. Thanks to Jessie’s
strange son, Sam, and his
decision to call out for his mom, a
horde of walkers
are about to make at least one member of this group their
meal. Who makes it
out alive
of this situation? (Click see the odds on who dies
in the mid-season

remainder of our survivors are

scattered among several difficult situations, but none appear to be as bad
the aforementioned.
Although, this is The Walking Dead, so things
could change

Bye the way, do you read
the comics? If you do,
you probably know what’s about to happen! And if
you don’t read the comics,
are missing out. The Walking Dead comic books are


The show is about to go into a
period of storytelling that is
intense and full of non-stop thrills. Oh,
and did I mention there’s this

“Negan” guy?

Be prepared to yell, scream, throw things at the
grab your friend’s arm
and receive everything you love out of this Sunday’s
episode of The
Walking Dead
, in what may be
the best episode of the

After Sunday’s episode of The
Walking Dead
, join us
for The Walker Stalkers Podcast presented by Skybound’s The Walking

Dead. We’ll be joined by Seth
Gilliam, who plays Father Gabriel, and
he’ll answer your questions live! Click Here To

Or, listen below to our recent
interview with Alexandra
Breckenridge, who plays Jessie,
on The Walking



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