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The Walking Dead Returns – Who Will Get Out Alive?

Published on February 6th, 2016 | Updated on February 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

In one week, AMC’s The
Walking Dead
returns and it’s
expected to return with a bang and
possibly even a few deaths! In the
finale, “Start to Finish”, we were left watching Rick, Carl,
Michonne, Jessie,
Sam, Ron, and
Father Gabriel walking in meat suits and surrounded by walkers.
young Sam became one of the most
vilified characters on The
Walking Dead
by repeating one word:

This Valentine’s Day,
February 14th, we are in for a

treat when the show returns with Episode 9, titled, “No Way Out”. The
shares its title with a
popular story-arch from Robert Kirkman’s The
Walking Dead
From the sound of this title, it
appears that
there’s nowhere to go for our beloved group of survivors.
The Walking Dead
to enjoy taking out characters when it fits the story-line and the
seams to be ideal for our next batch
of deaths.

The question is,
“Who will make it out alive?”

have our opinions and we also have
great insight from The Walking Dead comics, but the writers
have been
willing to deviate in
the past, re-writing scenes completely and assigning
story-lines to
different characters. Here’s’s odds on who makes
it and who becomes dinner (no spoilers
here, just speculation):


Rick – Odds
– Let’s be serious here!
Rick Grimes is one of the untouchables on this show,
arguably along with
Daryl and potentially Carol. If
everyone dies in this
scene, Rick still gets out alive. Yeah, yeah, yeah…
if Daryl dies, we riot –
if Rick dies, we lose our central character and now what do we


Carl – Odds
90:1 – Coraaaal! In the final few
episodes, we’ve seen Carl develop some
serious confidence and we already
he’s able to handle himself in some difficult situations. Like his
Carl would probably
sacrifice everyone but Rick and Michonne to get out of this
situation. There’s still a lot to his
story, so it’s highly unlikely
this is his moment to go on the

Michonne – Odds

90:1 – No way she dies at this time! Michonne has clearly defined herself as
bad-ass and more than able
to protect herself in moments where she’s surrounded
by walkers. There’s
no reason to suspect anything
different in this moment.
Michonne will slice and dice her way out of

Father Gabriel

– Odds 30:1 – Father Gabriel somehow has a union of angels around
still, given his previous
transgressions! Many viewers would take great pleasure
out of watching his
demise and death but it just
doesn’t feel like the right
timing. The Walking Dead has been
great about only killing characters

when it serves the greater story of the show. There’s something more still
his character and
hopefully, like most characters on the show, it will be a
moment of

Jessie –
Odds 20:1 – The romance
is just heating up between Jessie and Rick.
The romance can’t just end
now, or
can it? Jessie has had it rough since we’ve met her this season.
deceased husband was
a porch-dick, Ron didn’t fall too far from his father’s
tree, and Ron is
just a wreck. It’s highly
unlikely that all three members of
the Anderson family get out of this
moment alive. But Rick, Rick’s going
protect Carl and Michonne first, then Jessie, so it does seem likely that
holds on and gets out

Ron – Odds 5:1 – Don’t
deny it, you’ve
wished Ron’s death on multiple
occasions. Admit this:
you’ve come to realize how much you like Carl
because of how much you don’t

like Ron! Ron was given a brief moment of reprieve when Carl let him slide
pulling a gun and trying
to kill him. Well, it didn’t last long because it
looks like Ron’s about
to meet his maker and a whole
bunch of

Sam – Odds 3:2 – You’re going to
have to give
us your money if
you want any of ours! Sam’s going bye-bye! All of the meat
suits in the
world aren’t going to stop the
walkers from eating him up like the
cookie he left behind to the ants. Why
do you hate children so much?


Alright, it’s your turn! Vote for you who you think will die

from this group. Vote now!
Vote often! Vote for multiple


Listen below to The Walker Stalkers

Podcast where we
speak with Jessie herself, Alexandra Breckenridge
about this scene and look
forward to Episode 9!

you have a stronger
argument than ours? Go to the comments below and tell
us who and why!

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