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The Pull List 4/20/16

I’m so excited, I’m so
excited, I’m so, so…

excited to be talking about
comic books with you my

Geeklings! I’m sure most of you are wondering, “Kevin, why would you
with a Saved By the
reference”, and the answer is simple… it’s
awesome. Duh. But
there is actually a deeper answer
to this question because
today, April 20th, marks the day that the first
volume of Save By the
comics is being released by IDW. Yes our prayers have finally been met

and the universe finds our
behavior just as it bestows this amazing bounty upon
us. So break out your
Bayside Tiger t-shirts, remember a
time where Kelly
Kawpowski lived in an area code that was not 90210 (it
happened people), and
before Zod to worship at the alter of Bayside!

Bet you guys
didn’t see that
opening coming, did you?! Welcome to
The Pull List
where anything can happen and no pop culture
reference is safe. Now besides the

gloriousness that is the Saved By the Bell comic there are other

tremendous books worth your adult
dollars this week so let’s fill your hearts
with geeky glee, and break down
this weeks books.

you haven’t gathered by now
I’m a bit of a
Marvel fan (I’ve admitted to this plenty of times so if you don’t know
you’re clearly not paying
attention) so
that’s where we’re going to start this week. Do you guys
like Avengers? Of
course you do
that’s why their movies have made millions of dollars. If you’re
for some Avenger action this week
sees the release of Mighty Thor
and Captain America: Sam
Wilson #8
. P.S. These two
totally made
out like a month or two ago and now have one of those “I want
to get with you”
friendships. I dig it. Any way, Jason Aaron has been killing it on all

things Thor and his run with Jane
Foster has been a most excellent read. I love
the dynamic of her wanting to
save people but how transforming
into Thor negates
any of her chemo treatment (oh, in case you didn’t know
Jane has cancer). It’s
a real
catch twenty-two

that adds a lot of heart and
realness to the book. Questions of putting the
greater good above yourself
make for great reads and fantastic
characters. Over
in Captain America, the Avengers: Standoff
story line
continues as the
battle for Pleasant Hill gears up for it’s close. Keep an eye
out for Steve
Rogers and Bucky in this issue.
Oh and for those of you who are
looking for a little less Avengers and a
little more Defenders, look no
than Power Man & Iron Fist #3 (see what I did there?).
This book is
a lot of fun
with real gritty art and great character interactions. Plus it’ll
help you
prepare for Netflix’s
Defenders series when it comes out next
year (now you see what I
did there!)

If you find yourself in the mood for Batman and Superman
on a quest to
find Supes
missing cousin, then you might want to turn your attention over to
Action Comics #51. Looks
like this issue will spring board a new
story arc called “Super
League” into action, and let’s be honest who
doesn’t love a comic where a
whole bunch of super people team
up with writers
who understand the characters with actions that make sense
(yeah I’m still
taking digs
at Zack Snyder because… it’s fun)? If you watched last
nights Flash
on the CW you saw some
dramatic changes take place for
Barry Allen. If you find yourself looking
for more Flash stories it’s a good

thing that issue #50 comes out today. Yes the stories are different but
it’s a
milestone issue and could
prove as a good jumping on point for new readers.
Don’t forget milestones
aren’t just more expensive,
they’re also supposed to
be game changers.

Remember last week when I kind of didn’t
talk about any of the independent books? Yeah I wasn’t
proud of it either
but I’m here
to make up for it this week. Image has a couple of books
that are
worth your time starting with
Jonathan Hickman’s East of West
. You guys might recall Hickman
from his
Avengers run and last years mega event Secret Wars.
book is creator owned and plays
like a sci-fi western. Hickman is known for
his intricate story lines and
his glowing characters, so why
wouldn’t you be
interested in this? You did hear me say sci-fi western,
correct? Elsewhere
Kirkman sees his super hero saga, Invincible, release it’s
issue. Yeah, Robert Kirkman writes
other comics besides the Walking
. And speaking of the
Walking Dead let’s talk about
pimp spot…

Today also sees the

release of Brian K. Vaughan’s
Walking Dead one
shot, Alien. Vaughn isn’t just one of my
favorite comic book writers,

he’s one of my favorite writers period. His stories are compelling and
and his characters jump
off the pages. The fact that Kirkman and him reached an
agreement for him to
play with this universe is like
comic book crack to me. You
can download the book here

at a price you think is fair. That’s a pretty awesome deal for a thirty-
page book from one of the
best comic book writers out there in one of comics
most popular universes.
Be fair with your prices
Geeklings! Don’t upset the
comic gods! They gave us a Saved By the Bell
book after all.

There you have it folks. These are the books I
you should be paying
attention to this week. Of course if you have other
suggestions feel free to
speak up in the comments (Hello?
Is there anyone out
there? Don’t be shy. Talk to me.). Let’s talk comics
and get our nerd on. See

everyone next week, happy reading!

Images from IDW, Marvel, DC, Image, and Panel


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