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The Photos from the All-Clown ‘It’ Screening are Here and Totally Creepy

The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, hosted an all-clown screening of It, the blockbuster adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 best-selling novel (which was previously made into a classic TV miniseries in 1990).

As thousands flocked to the theaters this weekend to watch Pennywise terrorize the residents of Derry, Maine one theater in Austin, TX had a very specific dress code for anyone who wanted to attend – “For the special screening of ‘It’, all attendees should arrive dressed as a clown in order to attend.”

And boy, did they deliver! EW released some exclusive photos from Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse screening of It and the costumes are quite impressive. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to walk into a theater filled up clowns, but for some, it clearly added a whole new level to the horror film experience.

Check out the gallery below!


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