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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘The Trail of The Flash’

The Flash Recap ‘The Trail of The Flash’

The Flash returns from the winter hiatus to find Barry on trial for the murder of Clifford DeVoe, and it isn’t going well. The prosecution is ruthless and turns everything that Cecile uses to Barry’s advantage against them. Joe and Ralph go out to try and find evidence that DeVoe’s wife isn’t being completely honest, and manage to catch a photo of Marlize kissing Dominic Lanse, where Clifford’s consciousness now lies. The photograph is presented to the court, but Marlize is able to explain it away, saying that Clifford celebrated her and Dominic’s attraction to one another. He just wanted her to be happy. Marlize definitely plays up the weeping widow and has the jury eating out of her palm. After Marlize gives her testimony, Iris confronts her, demanding to know why they are trying to ruin her and Barry’s life. Marlize says that she is only doing what she is to protect her husband. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do and asks Iris what she’s willing to do for Barry.

'The Flash' Recap 'The Trail of The Flash'
Image: The CW

The defense is losing, and everyone knows it. Cecile asks Barry to take the stand and tell the truth. If he tells everyone that he’s the Flash, they’ll believe him and he’ll be free. Barry refuses to do so. If the world knows he’s the Flash, it would put everyone in danger. He also doesn’t want to take the stand because he’s going to have to lie, and he’s not going to do that. Iris tries to tell the court the truth, that he’s the Flash, but Barry intercepts her. The two then are moving so fast that time has stopped. They have a conversation in which Barry asks her to stand down. He says that telling the truth would mean that they would always be running, and he doesn’t want that. Iris says she’s trying to be strong, but it’s hard. Barry says the only reason he’s able to appear strong is because of his dad. He tells her that everything is going to be okay.

Joe and Ralph go to the DeVoe household where Joe is going to plant evidence that pins the murder on Marlize. He says it’s the right thing to do. Ralph says that sure, it may seem that way, and she is a bad guy, but eventually, Joe is going to wake up one day and realize that he made the wrong decision. Joe can’t turn against the ideals that he holds dear. Ralph opens the door for Joe, saying that maybe it is right, then leaves. Joe closes the door and leaves.

Meanwhile, there’s a new metahuman in Central City who has massive levels of radiation in his system. As he continues to grow more powerful, he risks becoming a nuclear bomb, which grants him the name Fallout. Cisco, Harry, and Caitlin are on the case while Barry is on trial, but are unsuccessful in tracking him down until he risks destroying all of Central City. They call in Barry, who leaves the trial during Cecile’s closing statement (and during the part where she says he’s dependable). Barry saves the lives of the police confronting Fallout, but can’t get close enough to the metahuman to stop him. Caitlin and Cisco vibe in, and Caitlin freezes him. But he’s too hot and busts through the ice, then knocks Caitlin out. Barry starts running, creating a vacuum in order to contain the explosion. He experiences severe radiation poisoning and burns while running,  but he continues on. Cisco then opens a breach where they can funnel the radiation. Eventually, Fallout is worn down and the day is saved.

'The Flash' Recap 'The Trail of The Flash'
Image: The CW

Barry returns to S.T.A.R. Labs where he has already started recovering from his burns when they see the report on the TV that he has been found guilty of DeVoe’s murder. Back at the courthouse for sentencing, Barry sees Dominic and confronts him. Barry wants to know why Dominic wants them distracted, wanting to know his final plan. Dominic says that there is something greater going on, but doesn’t give any details. He then reads Barry’s mind, saying that he didn’t just get Dominic’s body, but his powers too.

In the courtroom, Barry is sentenced to life in prison. He is taken to Iron Heights and placed in the same cell that his father occupied for all those years.

This was a good start to the back half of the season and I’m interested to see how things play out now that Barry is in prison. On top of this, Singh also awarded the Flash an award for valor because he willingly ran into the dangerous situation with Fallout. Everyone’s going to notice if the Flash is suddenly gone. Ralph will probably try and fill Barry’s shoes, but he’s still inexperienced. Perhaps we’ll have the return of Wally, who will take up the red suit in Barry’s absence.

What is the endgame? No idea. But there is a possibility that Team Flash will be able to figure out more of what it could be because of Barry’s post-Speed Force ramblings. Cisco scrubs through the footage from when Barry was first found and he says “I’m innocent. I didn’t kill him.” This leads them to believe that Barry somehow knew this was going to happen. Barry says he doesn’t remember anything from his time in the Speed Force up until he rescued Iris from Samuroid. If they can crack the code, then all the answers could be in his crazed writings.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘The Elongated Knight Rises.’

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