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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Subject 9’

Published on February 28th, 2018 | Updated on February 28th, 2018 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘Subject 9’

It’s a race against time as Team Flash searches for next bus meta, hoping to reach them before Thinker. Ralph and Cisco have come across a box of items from the bus accident, which leads them to Izzy Bowin, a country music singer. When Barry and Ralph try to talk her into coming with them, she laughs at them. It isn’t until later, when Thinker attacks and Flash and Elongated Man come to her rescue, that she starts believing them. Izzy sends a sound blast at Thinker, harming her. That’s when Marlize appears and takes Thinker away. Izzy goes with Barry and Ralph.

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They reveal their true identities to her, saying that they want to help train her. Izzy’s ability actually hurt Thinker, so they want to harness that. They spend all day training, Barry pushing her a bit too hard. Izzy gets hurt and is frustrated by Barry’s training. Ralph tries to stop her from leaving, but she says that she can handle this on her own.

Meanwhile, Cecile is having trouble sleeping because she hears all of Joe’s dreams. She and Harry team up to build a mechanism that will block her ability, allowing her to sleep. But Harry is a bit snippier than usual. His and Cecile’s personalities clash and an argument ensues. Harry reveals that he feels useless. He can’t make anything work and he misses Jesse. Cecile says that Harry is a brilliant man and will make it happen. He completes a device that helps Cecile, realizing it can also be used on Thinker. When he tells the rest of the team his plan, Barry and Iris remember a conversation with Savitar the previous year in which he mentioned the cerebral inhibitor. Harry gets to work.

Thinker is running out of time in the guise of Becky. Because of all the metahuman powers absorbed, the body inhabited is deteriorating at a much faster pace. Thinker is then determined to get to Izzy and switch bodies. Since Izzy is upset at the team, and wants it all to end, she calls Thinker to her. Izzy sends a couple of blasts against Thinker, but then the strings on her fiddle break thanks to Becky’s luck. Barry and Ralph show up, but they are no match for Thinker, who has figured out a new use for Dominic’s abilities. She inflicts a brain aneurysm on Barry, stopping him in his tracks. She then throws a dumpster at Ralph to keep him back.

Image: The CW

Thinker goads Barry, which gives Ralph an opening to slap the cerebral inhibitor on Thinker. But unfortunately, Thinker knocks Ralph’s hand away. That’s when Izzy steps in to put it on Thinker. It works for a moment, but then Thinker channels Kilgore’s powers and fries the technology. There’s nothing Barry and Ralph can do as Thinker takes over Izzy’s body. Then, Izzy takes the chair and is gone.

Harry is once again feeling like a failure, but Barry and Iris say that Savitar never said the inhibitor worked, just that they came up with it. Maybe there’s something else that will be able to stop Thinker. The only thing they can do now is try again. There are still three bus metas remaining.

This week clued us into more of Thinker’s plan as the rate of deterioration was expanded upon. It seems like most of DeVoe’s original plan was to find a new host that could house his abilities and allow him to live. But absorbing all the metas abilities are only making it worse. Will one of the three metas be able to handle it? Or is the key to it Ralph? Besides acid, Ralph is indestructible. I do wonder why DeVoe has left him alone. Unless Ralph will be the final body Thinker will inhabit, making it hard for Team Flash to fight back.

Barry tried to return to the force this week, but a lot of people aren’t happy with him coming back, including the mayor. Singh is forced to put Barry on suspension until they are 100% sure that DeVoe is really alive. Barry is a bit down about losing his job, but at the end of the episode, Ralph offers him a position with him as a private investigator. Ralph grew up a bit this episode, really becoming more of the hero that Barry knew he could be. He had feelings for Izzy, and it took a toll watching her get taken over by Thinker. Now, Ralph is more determined to stop DeVoe.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Enter Flashtime.’

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