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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘True Colors’

Published on February 7th, 2018 | Updated on February 7th, 2018 | By FanFest

The Flash Recap ‘True Colors’

Image: The CW

Warden Wolf is a bad man and has made a deal with Amunet to sell her any metahumans that come his way. She arrives at Iron Heights and wants the four bus victims as well as Barry. Within 24 hours, they will all be hers. Barry can’t let that happen so he devises a plan to break them all out. Together, the five of them make their way to the outside.

On the outside, Iris and Cecile have learned that Wolf is selling metahumans to Amunet and are working on their own plan to save Barry. And this involves Ralph, who accidentally figures out he can shape-shift into other people. The plan is to have Ralph pose as Wolf and call off the deal with Amunet. Ralph is doubting his abilities and that leads him to fall apart when he talks to Amunet. Caitlin comes to him to offer a pep talk, but Ralph doesn’t want to hear it. Caitlin then changes into Killer Frost who has some words for Ralph. He says that he doesn’t want to let anyone down because they are his friends. And everyone always leaves once he fails them. Killer Frost says that Team Flash is different than most people. She kidnapped and stabbed them, but they never gave up on her. So unless Ralph does something worse than that, Team Flash isn’t going anywhere.

Back at the prison, Barry and the others talk about what they’re going to do once they’re free. Sylbert, Mina, and Ramsey are pretty much set on returning to a life of crime. Barry tells them that they don’t have to use their powers for evil. Becky says she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She didn’t want to escape the prison at all, but Barry convinced her to come along. She’s worried and Barry says that she can decide who she wants to be.

Image: The CW

They arrive in the prison yard where they are caught by Wolf and a couple of guards. Wolf shoots Barry with the speed-suppressing cuff. He then tells the prisoners that they should turn all their anger on the one who put them in Iron Heights to begin with. He announces that Barry is the Flash. Sylbert, Mina, and Ramsey turn on Barry, but Becky gets in the way. She won’t let the others hurt him and says good luck in trying. That’s when her power kicks in, knocking out the other metas. Amunet then arrives on the scene. She is about to shoot Becky with her gauntlet when a gas bomb drops from the belt of one of the guards, knocking her out. She shoots all of the guards as she passes out.

That’s when Dominic arrives on the scene in his chair. He grabs all the bus metas and sucks away their power, killing them. Barry tries to get to Becky before her powers are taken, but something different happens. Thinker has transferred himself into a new body. Becky knocks Barry aside. She kills Wolf for interrupting the plan before leaving. Cisco and Killer Frost breach into the prison yard and are going to take Barry away, but he refuses to go. The only way he will be free is if they get him out legally.

And Cecile has concocted quite the plan for making that happen. Ralph assumes the guise of Clifford DeVoe in order to get Barry released. Everyone is surprised by his sudden return from the dead, none more so than Marlize. Clifford/Ralph says that he was stabbed and heard some whispers about someone being framed, and then he woke up. The judge doesn’t believe it at first, but Cecile argues that Central City is the home of the impossible. The judge is forced to clear Barry of all charges.

Barry is free and at his celebration party, he wonders about Thinker’s latest move. He says that Thinker could have stolen anyone’s powers from the meta wing, but only went after the bus victims. This means that Ralph is in danger.

Marlize has been doubting her husband ever since he assumed to body of Dominic, and now that doubt has been pushed even further. Before Dominic went to Iron Heights, he admitted that he didn’t have a plan. The deal between Wolf and Amunet was unexpected and therefore forced his hand. Marlize says that they were supposed to wait until all of the bus victims were in Iron Heights before taking their abilities. Also, Barry was never supposed to get out of prison. Becky assures her that everything will work out just fine. But she can sense the lingering doubt. Marlize has started singing a song in her head in order to block Thinker from reading her mind. Becky spikes her drink with a glowing blue liquid (the tears of the metahuman that Amunet had captured a long time ago and I honestly don’t remember what it does).

Becky is an incredibly powerful metahuman and in the wrong hands, her luck can destroy anything. Which is probably why she was spared by Thinker. I don’t have any idea what the end goal is, but Marlize is a few steps from falling off the wagon. For a moment, I thought she was going to say something in the courtroom to get Barry off.

The Flash is taking a break for a couple of weeks and returns Tuesday, February 27.

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