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‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Mixed Signals’

The Flash Recap ‘Mixed Signals’

'The Flash' Recap 'Mixed Signals'
Image: The CW

Team Flash is back in action. This week, they face off against a metahuman that can control technology, Ramsey Deacon, aka Kilg%re (pronounced kill-gore). The team finds out that he is murdering his former coworkers who stole Deacon’s idea for an app.

This episode was more character focused than anything else as we have rising tensions between Barry and Iris. Barry is a changed man after his six month sabbatical in the Speed Force, but his “do everything himself” attitude is causing problems. What he thinks are gestures to show Iris how much he cares, she thinks of him not communicating and asking her opinion. His inability to listen to her when trying to stop Kilg%re almost gets a man killed. Iris takes it upon herself to schedule them a session of couple’s therapy. Of course, there’s only so much that they can say in front of a therapist, but eventually they come to the root of the problem. Iris doesn’t understand how Barry could just leave her like that and then never talk about it. Barry apologizes to her later, saying that he had to put on a brave face when he left. If he had consulted Iris about his decision, she would have asked him to stay and he would’ve. But that’s not what needed to be done. They talk through their problems and start trusting each other a little bit more.

'The Flash' Recap 'Mixed Signals'
Image: The CW

Another couple on the fritz is Cisco and Gypsy. She popped over for a date, but Cisco is busy trying to figure out how to stop Kilg%re and keeps blowing her off. She claims that it’s cool and understands, but Caitlin tells Cisco that that’s a girl’s way of saying that everything is not cool and okay. Cisco talks to her and she reveals that there is an Earth-19 custom called 1-1-1 Day (one soul plus one soul equals one soul) and normally she wouldn’t be into sappy things like that, but being with Cisco makes her want to do all those “shmoopy” things. Cisco makes it up to her later by celebrating his own 1-1-1 Day (or Shaquille O’Neal Day).

This episode delivered on the promise that The Flash would return to the lighter tone of Season 1. We have all of the jokes from Cisco, but also the sequence where Barry’s new suit goes haywire because Kilg%re hijacks the technology. This week had the good balance of serious moments and comedy. The first couple’s counseling session was actually kind of funny and I can’t even imagine what the therapist was thinking after meeting Barry and Iris. Also, there was a major Arrow spoiler on the coffee table at the counseling session. I won’t reveal exactly what it said in case some haven’t watched the Season 6 premiere.

Barry defeats Kilg%re and they lock him up in the metahuman wing of Iron Heights. It turns out that Kilg%re was nowhere near Central City the night the particle accelerator exploded so Barry and Joe ask him how he got his powers. All is says is that he isn’t the only one to be gifted with abilities and they should prepare themselves for what’s coming. They thanks Warden Wolfe for allowing them to speak to Kilg%re before leaving. The Warden looks in on the prisoner and has a strange expression on his face. I think there’s something fishy about him.

The final scene of the episode once more shows the Thinker and Mechanic. She pulls open the video feed of Kilg%re sitting in prison, saying that they have him just where they want him. Thinker says that it’s time to find the others and Mechanic opens up a number of blank monitor feeds to represent the remaining metahumans. There are 12 more metahumans that are part of Thinker’s plan still to come.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Luck Be a Lady.’

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